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Priceless Experience : CALS’ Dairy Education Unit prepares tomorrow’s dairy leaders in a real-world environment.

Priceless Experience

CALS’ Dairy Education Unit prepares tomorrow’s dairy leaders in a real-world environment. >>>
NC State named “green giant” in sustainable energy
An American Indian journal for engineering and science has named NC State University — and the college’s Dr. Heike Sederoff, in particular — as a leader in academic programs focused on sustainable energy. Sederoff directs a project that focuses on converting oil-rich camelina into biofuels.
NC State researchers crack walnut mysteries
Walnuts are a rich source of disease-fighting nutrients, but their phytochemical makeup has generally remained a mystery. NC State researchers are out to change that with a new method for exploring walnut phytochemicals. That method promises to open the way to a better understanding of the nut’s impact on people's health.
Lee County corn maze honors Extension centennial
Gross Farms in Lee County will join N.C. Cooperative Extension’s centennial celebration this fall. Guests to their agritourism operation make their way through a 15-acre corn maze cut in the shape of Extension’s centennial logo beginning Sept. 20. Farm owner John and Tina Gross anticipate that about 10,000 visitors will come to the farm during the fall.
N.C. State receives grant to improve African sweet potatoes
N.C. State University will receive $12.4 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve a crop that is an important food staple in sub-Saharan Africa. The grant will fund work to develop modern genomic, genetic and bioinformatics tools to improve the sweet potato's ability to resist diseases and insects and tolerate drought and heat. Project director is CALS' Dr. Craig Yencho.
Summit examines future of food
Food and agricultural experts from around the nation will join North Carolina peers in Raleigh Nov. 18-19 for a wide-ranging discussion of technologies and policies affecting food production. Among the keynote speakers for the N.C. Agriculture & Biotechnology Summit will be Joel Bourne, Jr., contributing writer with National Geographic and author of "The End of Plenty."
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