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Fulfilling the Mission : Six William Neal Reynolds Professors uphold the College’s strategic vision and goals through impactful research.

Fulfilling the Mission

Six William Neal Reynolds Professors uphold the College’s strategic vision and goals through impactful research. >>>
Changing nighttime temperatures present new crop production challenge
As nighttime temperatures rise faster than daytime temperatures, agricultural production faces a new challenge being explored by NC State University’s Dr. Colleen Doherty. Doherty, an assistant professor of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry, studies how plants perceive and respond to changing temperatures and other stressors that keep them from attaining optimal yields.
NIFA chief addresses challenges facing 21st century agriculture
Calling a booming world population “the mother of all wicked problems,” National Institute of Food and Agriculture Director Sonny Ramaswamy called upon an NC State University audience to press forward in their attempts to deliver on the promise of biophysical and social sciences in ensuring food security for a population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050.
Warmer temperatures limit parasites' impact, boost pest populations
Climate change is expected to disrupt ecosystems by changing insects' and other organisms' life cycles in unpredictable ways -– and scientists are getting a preview of these changes in cities. Research from NC State University shows that some insect pests are thriving in warm, urban environments and developing earlier, limiting the impact of parasitoid wasps that normally help keep those pest populations in check.
Something resistant this way comes: an insect mystery
In fall 2013, Dr. Dominic Reisig got a phone call from a farmer in rural Hyde County. The farmer was growing corn, and it was literally falling apart in the field. What was going on? Reisig is an entomologist at NC State University; he is a sort of science detective who specializes in insects that pose a threat to crops. And the farmer had presented him with a mystery.
UNC-NC State partnership to focus on obesity prevention
A new southern regional center of excellence will improve obesity prevention efforts for families receiving federal food subsidies. UNC's obesity prevention research expertise and North Carolina Cooperative Extension's program expertise and community knowledge will drive the project.
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