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Meeting of Minds : CALS and Croatian students attend ag law class together via transatlantic connections.

Meeting of Minds

CALS and Croatian students attend ag law class together via transatlantic connections. >>>
Plant sciences initiative could spark NC economic growth, study finds
A new economic study, released Jan. 12, shows that North Carolina has an opportunity to be the global hub for advanced plant sciences research and for the application of that research to expanding agricultural productivity. Follow this link to a one-page initiative summary.
NC food processing and manufacturing initiative feasibility study released
The agricultural resources, industrial capacity and research innovation assets present in North Carolina create opportunities to catalyze development of value-added food processing and manufacturing businesses, according to a joint NC State-NCDA&CS economic feasibility study released Jan. 12. Follow this link to a one-page initiative summary.
Steward of the Future: Gary Roberson
All-terrain wheelchairs, truck lifts and garden scooters are among the solutions the North Carolina AgrAbility partnership has designed to help disabled farmers remain productive. Extension specialist and associate professor Dr. Gary Roberson, of North Carolina State University, discusses the program and the impact of student design projects for these farmers.
Strategic Conversations: Dr. Christopher Daubert
In this episode of Strategic Conversations, Dr. Marshall Stewart interviews the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ Dr. Christopher Daubert, head of the Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences. Daubert discusses the department's diverse academic programs as well as the proposed North Carolina food processing and manufacturing initiative.
Edible flowers: New guide for choosing and using flowers in food
Amid a resurgence of interest in edible flowers for their taste, color and fragrance, North Carolina Cooperative Extension offers a free online publication outlining how to select, grow, harvest and preserve flowers for food use.
Currituck wins national honor for green initiative
Currituck County has won a national award for its efforts to maintain healthy coastal and ocean resources through a green initiative spearheaded in part by North Carolina Cooperative Extension.
Steward of the Future: Chad Stahl
Focusing on the impact of certain stem cells on lifetime fat, muscle and bone growth in pigs, Dr. Chad Stahl’s research has implications for human nutrition and related conditions such as osteoporosis and obesity. In this short YouTube video, the animal scientist discusses his work.
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