MMB/MBA Option

MMB students have the option of entering NC State University's Poole College of Management's MBA program for one year after completion of the MMB program to receive their MBA with a concentration in either Bioscience Management or Entrepreneurship.

If MMB students are interested in going into the MBA program with the Biosciences concentration after completion of their MMB degree, they must take MBA 586 plus one additional MBA elective from the list at the beginning of Section C. If MMB students are interested in the MBA program with the Entrepreneurship concentration, they must take MBA 576 and MBA 577 for their MBA elective choices.

In addition, those students who pursue the MBA are required to do a summer internship between graduating from the MMB program and beginning the MBA program. This internship must be in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry and is designed to give students additional work experience before beginning the MBA program.

If MMB students are not interested in pursuing the MBA after graduating with the MMB degree, they must take MBA 585, and then they are free to choose any two classes from the list at the beginning of Section C listed on the curriculum page for their two required MBA electives.

Interested MMB students can take the GMAT or use their GRE scores (must have been taken within 5 years of applying to the MBA program) and apply to the MBA Program, typically during the summer or fall of their second year in the MMB program.  To find out how your GRE scores might compare to a GMAT score see this comparison. Interested students can then go on the MBA website and find out what the average GMAT score is for incoming MBA students.  Because the MBA program just began accepting GRE scores for admission for the 2011 school year, there will not be average GRE scores until the admissions period for the school beginning in 2012.

The MBA concentration in which the MMB student is interested dictates which MBA electives the student will take in the MMB program.

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