MMB Vision

The vision of the MMB program is to emerge as a nationally recognized model for science education and to inspire students to become leaders and mentors who make positive contributions to the bioscience industry, their communities, and to the world. 

MMB Mission

The mission of the MMB Program is to thoroughly prepare students to become successful professionals in the bioscience industry.

MMB Goals

  1. To provide scientific and business coursework that prepares students for careers in the bioscience industry.

  2. To offer experiential learning opportunities, both in the classroom and through field-based industry exposure, that prepare students to develop key skills necessary to secure jobs and experience success in their respective careers.

  3. To provide a curriculum that offers students training in alignment with their career interests.

MMB Objectives

  1. Students will demonstrate proficiency regarding scientific concepts, skills, and techniques relevant for careers in the bioscience industry (Goal 1).

  2. Students will complete business coursework that enhances their understanding of management principles and other relevant business-related concepts associated with the bioscience industry (Goal 1).

  3. Students will apply their understanding of business concepts relevant to the bioscience industry to complete three practicum projects (Goal 2).

  4. Students will display evidence for their ability to apply the following professional skills prerequisite for success in the bioscience industry: leadership, teamwork, networking, oral and written communication, and innovation and entrepreneurship (Goal 2). 

  5. Students will complete a capstone project that requires utilization of all core knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with the MMB curriculum (Goals 1 and 2). 

  6. Students will complete a summer internship that offers work experience in a bioscience-related area and in an area pertaining to their respective career interests (Goals 2 and 3). 

  7. Students will develop individualized coursework tracks based upon their career and academic interests (Goal 3).