Upcoming Events

Monday May 1st, 2017 -- 9:30 am- 11:30 am

MMB Capstone Course - Project Final Presentations

Break around 10:45am

Stephen’s Room, 3503 Thomas Hall, NCSU Campus

Lunch at 11:30am, 4th Floor Lobby of Thomas Hall

NC Brew Labs: Improving Beer, Helping Brewers

Molly Harris, Shweta Murthy, Ryan Randall, Lavanya Rao, and Priyanka Vala

Transforming the Plant Transformation Lab

Sai brahma prakash Penugonda, Emily Potisek, Danny Schmitt, and Saurabh Vishhwanath??

FarmFridge: Grow. Taste. Live Well

Paul Gibson, Jacob Vasser, Gowri Vridhambal, and Richard Young



Thursday, May 4th, 2017 -- 10:00 am- 12:00 pm

MB 585: Industry Case Studies in Microbial Biotechnology

 Final Presentations 

Break around 11:00am

Stephen’s Room, 3503 Thomas Hall, NCSU Campus

Lunch at noon, 4th Floor Lobby of Thomas Hall

Research and Market Analysis for a Blood Leukocyte Differential in Swine Production

Team Members: Hannah Webb (Team Lead), Niharika Chandrakanth, Melody Paye,

David Majeski, and Hannah Seddon

Review of Potential Candidates for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Team Members: Mackenzie Nelson (Team Lead), Vincent Green, Sterling Riggs, and Swetha Srinivasan

Investigation of Causative Disease Agents in the Microbiome

Team Members: Ryan Overcash (Team Lead), Zach Jernigan, Brooke Peery,

Katie Sandlin, and James Rebenski


Saturday, May 13th, 2017 -- 1:30pm


PMB Department Graduation

 3712 Bostian Hall 



Please email Meaghan Nappo at mknappo@ncsu.edu if you would like additional information for any of the events described on this page.