Awards and Recognition

Microbiology Graduate Program faculty Mike Hyman & Chase Beisel ("Microbiomes and Complex Microbial Communities"), Sid Thakur ("Targeted Drug Discovery and Development: The Battle against Multidrug Resistant Bacterial Pathogens"; and "The Exposome One Health Initiative"; co-lead on two proposals) and Francis de los Reyes ("Global WaSH [Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene])" advanced to the "final 13" of the current round of the Chancellor's Faculty Excellence Program, or "cluster hires".  Congratulations to them for these strong efforts, and all the best for a positive outcome!  Microbiology faculty and our graduate students would have an opportunity to contribute to many of these cluster areas.

Brant Johnson (Microbiology Ph.D. candidate; Todd Klaenhammer lab; FBNS) and Stephanie Mathews (Microbiology Ph.D. candidate; Amy Grunden lab; PMB) won first place in the Life Sciences and the Agriculture Sciences & Natural Resources catgories, respectively, for their posters presented at the 2015 Graduate Research Symposium.  Congratulations to these outstanding graduate student researchers!

Jennifer Stone (Microbiology Ph.D. candidate; M. Sikes Lab, Department of Biological Sciences), Mani Kotipalli and Nicholas Taylor (both Masters of Microbial Biotechnology) won NC State UGSA 2015 "Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards.  Congratulations to these outstanding teaching assistants!

Susan Gardner (Microbiology PhD candidate; Department of Biological Sciences J. Olson laboratory) won the NC State UGSA 2014 "Award for Mentorship and Dedication to Teaching", one of two top awards for campus graduate student teaching.  It comes with a $500 monetary prize as well!

Dr. Amy Grunden was named a Univeristy Faculty Scholar by the NCSU Provost.  She was among 24 faculty members named to the inaugural 2012 - 2013 class.  The complete announcement can be viewed here.