NCSU CALS Prestage Poultry Science -Why Poultry Science?
Why Poultry Science?
Poultry Science...Is It Right For Me?
  See why our students chose Poultry Science....

Ann Margaret Dietrich (Class of 2013)

...."My family has a long history in agriculture and I wanted to carry on the tradition.  I became involved in agriculture through 4-H.  I attend PSSI (Poultry Science Summer Institute) and it became clear I should major in Poultry Science.  I love the diversity and the opportunities associated with the poultry industry."

J T Pope (Class of 2014)
..."I chose Poultry Science for my major because we study a unique species and work with people in a complex and advanced industry.  Poultry Science has also given me internship opportunities which will lead to jobs when I graduate."



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