NCSU CALS PreHealth Club -Club Requirements

Club Requirements

To maintain "active status" - each semester, students are asked to obtain a minumum of 8 points from either (1) attending meetings or (2) participating in service activities through the PHC club and Health PAC events


  • MEETING:  Includes ANY Large group and Interest Group meetings, HOSA meetings, as well as
                  honor society meetings (AED, DDS) 
    (Students can attend and are ENCOURAGED to attend as many meetings a
                  semester as they wish)

  • SERVICE: By participating in PHC and Health PAC announced service projects and events (includes events, donations, volunteering, etc - anything announced as a "point/hours" opportunity) 

                            Note a MAX of 1 service points can be obtained from an OUTSIDE VOLUNTEER activity
                                this includes church, community, hosptal, and other campus type volunteer activities (3 hours= 1 point).
Print off the VOLUNTEER/SERVICE FORM from the website, have it signed by a coordinator or supervisor at
                            the event and then turn it in the Health PAC office or in the "mailbox" to the right of the Health PAC Office Door


"Active" Club Member Status

  • To be considered an "active" club member you are asked accumulate 8 POINTS total per semester via ANY of the methods above (meetings, donations, projects, etc) - the club and Health PAC are here to help you get involved, informed and prepared for your application process through these meetings and events

    Note that if you are planning to pledge AED or DDS -  you must accumulate 10 points the spring semester prior to pledging the following fall
        (see AED/DDS tabs for additional information).

Meeting Conflicts:

Members with documented schedule conflicts (class, tests, work, athletics, etc) during a semester that prohibit them from meeting the minimum point requirement

-Members with conflicts MUST contact Dr. Flick at AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEMESTER (OR AS SOON AS THEY ARE AWARE OF CONFLICT AND NOTE THIS ON YOUR REGISRATION FORM WITH ORGSYNC) with a request for exemptions from meeting points for that semester. 

These students will still be expected to obtain at least 4 points to be considered "active"

ALSO - please note that Dr. Flick and the officers understand that hardships (financial and personal) do occur - if for any reason you have difficulties completing requirements for these reasons - please contact Dr. Flick directly to request an exemption for the semester or year - AGAIN - the club and Health PAC are here to HELP - not Penalize students - these services are for YOU

Varsity Athletes:

- If you are a varsity athlete you are only required to obtain 1/2 of the required points for the semester you are participating
in your sport or 4 points for the semester but you must notify Dr. Flick by email at about your athletic status and note on your registration form


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