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  • The NCSU Prestage Department of Poultry Science is one of 6 poultry science departments in the US.
  • North Carolina produces almost 10% of all US poultry.  Poultry production leads the state's agricultural economy.
  • Recent NCDA statistics show that poultry represents nearly 36 % of all cash receipts from agriculture.
  • Conservative estimates place the "farm gate" value of North Carolina poultry products at $3.9 billion.
  • Annually, North Carolina poultry companies produce approximately 800 million broilers, 36 million turkeys, and over 3 billion eggs.
  • North Carolina currently ranks #2 nationally in turkey production; #3 in total poultry; #4 in broiler production; and #7 in egg production.

Upcoming Seminars: Room 106 Scott Hall 3:35pm

  • 03/24/15 Marissa Kost: Effects and Implications of Exogenous Enzymes in Broiler Diets
  • 03/31/15 Samantha Essick: Probiotics in Poultry Production: Energy Consumption and Utilization

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