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 Major Goodman & Chris Reberg-Horton: "Saving Organic Corn" (Growing) How probiotics may save your life (Rob Dunn's blog in Scientific American) "Visitors get a look at hops farming": Raleigh hop yard for potential NC crop research ( Organic farmers face big risk, high reward:

Research takes to the field at Caswell Farm organic grain workshop
Salmonella vaccine. Better bed bug bait.
Chancellor's Innovation Fund, bringing new techology to market
Dr. Michael J. Roberts on the drought & heat plaguing farmers ...
"The biggest losers are consumers"
(New York Times)
Dr. Chris Ashwell:
USDA funds study of the genetics  of poultry heat stress story

NCSU scientists try to get hens to take the heat (Raleigh News & Observer)
July Peach Field Field Day highlighted CALS research to help producers

at Sandhills Research Station


Dr. Mike Boyette:
New use for curing barns & NC sweet potatoes:
Diced & sliced as food & animal feed ingredients

Southeast Farm Press story
July Hay Field Day featured CALS research to help producers

at Mountain Research Station

STS-135 patch
Dr. Imara Perera's plant signaling experiment on  Atlantis.
These are some of the many news stories on the project.
WRAL story & video
Fayetteville Observer
Bedbugs: "Our
New Bedfellows"
the antimicrobial, triclorosan
STS-135 Lift Off! Plant signaling experiment on Atlantis STS-135 experiment

STS-135 mission
NCSU space experts

Will  shuttle's demise landlock science?
Coby Schal spoke on bedbugs
NC Museum of Life & Science, July 12
Rob Dunn: antimicrobial soaps, wipes may make us sick (Scientific American)
Why do fireflies glow?
Dr. Stephen Bambara, explains to Raleigh N&O
Haunted by parthenogenesis: Warren Booth on  media buzz about  fatherless boa discovery

NCSU news story
read the paper
Berry Pleasing: At Piedmont Research Station, breeder & JWU chef tweak strawberry for breeders, growers, & chefs

in Charlotte Observer
in Raleigh N&O

Forced Labor: Ants fetch friends to help them forage: Benoit Guenard (BBC Nature News, June 21)

Guenard web page
Organic research gives Western North Carolina farmers MORE (Mountain Xpress)

Mountain Organic Research & Extension Unit
Coasting on research: CMAST, NC Sea Grant, and Drs. JoAnn Burkholder, Jeffrey Buckel, Tom Losordo, Mike Burchell & David Green (Results Winter issue) Dr. Mary Ann Lila spoke on blueberries at CA Berry Health
Symposium (Plants for Human Health Institute story)
"The Berry's Enigma": Mary Ann Lila on blueberry research at Berry Health Symposium (Salisbury Post story) Dr. Rob Dunn
spoke on his new book, The Wild Life of Our Bodies at the
NC Museum of Natural Sciences, June 30

Dr. Dunn in The Scientist on the book
Wilkes County "Pickle School" grad makes "Bamboo Pickles, with Grandma's Help" (NY Times)

Pickle School brochure for August 2011

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