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In a memo, CALS Dean Johnny Wynne explains process for identifying faculty to reside in new College of Sciences NCSU to restructure two Colleges (N&O)

Chancellor Woodson's announcement
Damned if you do, damned if you don't:  Clinton Jenkins' study of possible hydroelectric dam effects on Andean Amazon
Entomologist Fred Gould wins top UNC System honor, O. Max Gardner Award (NCSU Bulletin)

News & Observer story

WRAL TV story
NCSU develops mobile hand washing stations to help farmers reduce food safety risks (CALS News)

story in Farm and Dairy

story in The Grower
Heike Sederoff,
Amy Grunden &
Pyrococcus furiosus: Genes from undersea creature may help crops prosper (N&O)
Mike Roe & George Kennedy discover wild tomato compound is natural effective herbicide

PhysOrg story

R & D Magazine story
Randy Weisz: Wheat stripe rust found in NC (Southeast Farm Press)
Lian Xie & Monteserrat Fuentes predict 7-10 named 2012 Atlantic storms for "average" hurricane season
Emily Meineke: Scaling up research on a tiny pest (CALS Perspectives story & video) Researchers explain how vermicompost-amended soils ward off crop pests

Vermicomposting Conference
Sophia Kathariou:
Reducing foodborne illness is the goal of microbiologist's research
  Hurricane forecasts begin (WRAL)

NCSU: Expect average hurricane season (WAVY TV)
Dean Wynne & College supporters honored at joint Spring Agricultural, Tobacco & Dairy Foundations event   "Stewards of the Future" speaker, Juan Enriquez, on writing "the code of life" &  The Life Science Revolution (YouTube)
Easter eggs, chicks &  pathogens: Ben Chapman on holiday safety NCSU researcher warns of Easter health risks (N&O)

Easter egg hunts, baby chicks can carry Salmonella
Code Crackers: Fruit flies, mice & how their genetic codes can help you (NCSU News)
Marce Lorenzen & Entomology lab help Charlotte biotech startup, EntoGenetics, create light, strong recombinant spider silk for the military, industry & medicine: Fiber for bullet-proof vests, organ culture & surgical sutures View Forbes video

Visit EntoGenetics web site
Associate Dean & NCARS Director, Dr. David Smith, speaks at  NC Agriculture Commissioner's Speaker Series, “Feeding the World in 2020"

read Dr. Rudershausen's paper on fish hook shape


read the bee self-medication paper in PLoSOne
CALS grad, Dr. Jeff Mullahey, Director,  University of Florida Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences, is new Head of Crop Science CMAST Biologist, Paul Rudershausen: Study finds circle hooks lower catch rate for offshore anglers (above) Huffington Post story
PhysOrg story
ScienceDaily story

story on ScienceBlog
Dr. Morgan Morrow:  2012 American Association of Swine Veterinarians' Meritorious Service Award
updated 8-9-2012