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Biologist Rob Dunn finds aliens in his house, admits it in public, then asks for help: Read his plea for "The Wildlife of Your Home" camel cricket survey project, here Geneticist, Carlos Botero: Birds' marital woes are heightened by weather (N&O) read the PLoSOne paper

You cheatin' bird (NCSU News)
Growing hops for local brews, Jeanine Davis & Mt. Crops Horticultural Research Ctr. explore   Allan Brown, Gad Yousef breed cabbage for NC growers (SE Farm Press)
Mark Abney, Hannah Burrack & team: First Insect Detector Program will train gardeners & Master Gardners to identify new invasive insects Project description

More on the First Insect Detector Project
Food scientist
Josip Simunovic wins thermal processing science award
Rob Dunn: Story of the most common bird in the world -- Passer domesticus,  the English Sparrow
  CALS hires new sustainability coordinator, Dr. Danesha Seth Carley
$100K Carolina Dogwood Grant barks up some new trees (BlueRidgeNow)

Tom Ranney: NCSU produces a hybrid dogwood that can withstand disease (Raleigh N&O) A new leaf: Wanted!
$1,000,000 Name for Tom Ranney's new disease-resistant dogwood
Beyond the yuck factor: Sushama Pradhan, Mike Hoover & home water recycling   "Stewards of the Future" speaker, Juan Enriquez: Harnessing the power of synthetic genetics at Google's Solve for X

Joint license of new water-soluble plant ethylene antagonist, to Dow AgroFresh (MarketWatch) >

New compound ups rainfed wheat yield; extends fruit & vegetable shelf life; delays cotton, tomato, tobacco senescence

Nobel Laureate Dr. Phillip Sharp headlines "Stewards of the Future" (Science Communicators of NC)

Prestigious Faculty of 1000 reviews 2 new CALS papers (below):
"Stewards of the Future" speaker Juan Enriquez at TEDx Broadway: Few Broadway plays treat science ... Why?
Are we a new species?
And more fascinating questions

Thoroughly modern maladies: Heather Patisaul explores the complex question of the impact of modern man-made chemicals on human health Pigs, people & infant formula: Drs. Jack Odle & Lin Xi find soluble fiber makes infant formula more like mother's milk, improves nutrition & development
New mouse Genetic Resource Panel (GRP) should speed gene discovery Genetic resources fuel big scientific progress: David Threadgill's genetically diverse "Collaborative Cross" mice mirror human populations for disease research (EurekAlert) UNC, NCSU researchers lead effort to breed special mice (Raleigh N&O) Crosses make lab mice even more useful (Science News)
updated 4-13-2012