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Food safety leader joins faculty; Center for Foodborne Illness Research & Prevention moves to Centennial Campus
Dr. Andrea Lucky's School of Ants inspires  Alaskan ant search (see also below) Global Health Research
PHHI: Grand Challenges Explorations grant for shelf-stable plant proteins, nutrients for infants, children
Ken Schwartzel, Distinguished Professor of Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences, is 2011 NC State University Innovator of the Year Sweet science:
CALS researchers convert sweetpotatoes to ethanol, diabetic-safe starches & dog treats
Drs. Hassan & Koci fight Salmonella: chicken vaccine for human & poultry disease (story)

CALS receives $20,126 USPOULTRY Foundation Grant CALS Dean Johnny Wynne announces retirement effective July 1, 2012 Public bathrooms house thousands of bacteria: Rob Dunn blogs on the ecology & history of the toilet, "the public restroom's raison d'être" Sarah Ash chairs NRC committee supporting online food safety inspection data (Food Safety News)
Genetic Engineering & Society Program web site

CALS & other participating faculty
Genetic Engineering & Society: The Case of Transgenic Pests:
Fred Gould leads new, unique interdisciplinary PhD program
  Turf Wars: Grady Miller & grad researcher Casey Reynolds test ACC playing field turf paint colors Allan Brown, Plants for Human Health Institute, leads blueberry genome sequencing NCSU spinoff, NanoVector: plant-grown nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery (MedCity News

Ben Chapman: "How not to spend Thanksgiving barfing..."
New blowfly discovery: Wes Watson finds buried, as well as soil surface "bugs of death," useful forensic tools Marauding insects underscore need for land-grants (SE Farm Press) Ted Feitshans on fracking risks at Lee County hearing

Lee County natural gas rights muddled (N&O)
  Sarah Ash separates the "Tryptophact & Tryptophantasy" behind the idea that turkey makes us sleepy
Lewis & Clark without the danger ... They want you to track what's in your fridge! (Wired) They want you to track ants in your neighborhood!
(Wired Science)
Meet Andrea Lucky: Postdoc in Rob Dunn's lab studies  Global Consequences of Ants (Grad School news) The "Robin Hood of Germs": Rob Dunn's blog on Coby Schal's finding that swine farm house flies carry antibiotic resistant bacteria  2011 Awardee, Dr. Julio Cesar Calvo Alvardo, delivers Borlaug Lecture focused on Costa Rican sustainability
updated 12-13-11