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Blessed Are the Beekeepers: Dr. Wally Thurman (Wall Street Journal)

Positive Buzz (
North Carolina is a hotbed for beekeepers:
Dr. David Tarpy in the Raleigh News & Observer
Why does a firefly glow?
Entomologist, Dr. Stephen Bambara tells the Raleigh News & Observer
Dr. Mary Ann Lila discussed the health benefits of blueberries on The People's Pharmacy (NPR, June 2012: hear interview) "Big Stink" for the East Coast:
Dr. Dan Stephen on the brown marmorated stink bug
CALS spinoff, LipoScience, issues $86M IPO:
Adjunct Prof., James Otvos, is founder

Triangle Business Journal story
Slavo Komaryntsky studies pharmacogenomics of bioactive compounds & functional foods

< PHHI adds two new researchers >
Xu Li seeks discovery platforms for plant secondary metabolites &  mode of action Fishing for Answers: Marybeth Brey, 1st place, Natural Resources , 2011 Grad Student Symposium

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NC wheat growers 2011 research update: May Field Day featured Drs. Alan York, Paul Murphy, Randy Weisz & Christina Cowger "A Warming Planet Struggles to Feed Itself": Dr. Michael Roberts' Crop Yield & Temperature Threshold Research (NY Times, p. 4) Dr. Jim Holland on corn: Unique gene combinations rule tropical maize day length response (
paper abstract in Crop Science
NC growers
plant populations:
Dr. Ron Heiniger
Southeast Farm Press
Building a Better Insect:
Dr. Fred Gould, NAS member, is
Tarheel of the Week
(Raleigh N&O)
Quality southeastern wheat crop: Low disease pressure heoped, says Dr. Christina Cowger Dr. Gina Fernandez & Dr. Hannah Burrack on blackberry culture & spotted wing drosophila at WNC meeting Exploring the fly tree of life

Research highlighted at July 19 Hay Field Day

Field days calendar
Event e-postcard
Dr. Allan Brown, Plants for Human Health Institute: broccoli research will benefit both human health & growers
student Brantley Snipes: landscape designs for environmental & human health
10 Ways to Limit Family Chemical Exposure: infant health (Dr. Heather Patisaul in Redbook) Dr. Mike Waldvogel terms odorous house ants "especially pesky" (Raleigh News & Observer) pastured & otherwise specially raised meats are not safer to eat (The Atlantic) Ms. Snipes' 2011 Graduate Student Research Symposium abstract
"Retrofitting Suburbia with Health in Mind"

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