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Bee Informed! USDA grant: research for beekeepers

more on the Bee Informed Partnership

Local beekeeping (David Tarpy in the Chapel Hill News)
plant breeder's challenge:
growing lush turf in challenging NC climate (CALS News Center)

Winston-Salem Journal story
corn disease resistance research:
tropical maize GST gene gives multiple disease resistance
(Farm & Dairy)
cultivating cabbage research:
Monsanto germplasm donation to Plants for Human Health Institute at NC Research Campus (CALS News)
new research identifies the impacts & value of Cooperative Extension's "Gardens of Learning"
Berry Perfect: North Carolina Strawberry Project News
NC Farm Bureau: NC Strawberry Project

Family Circle: NC Strawberry Project
breeder & chef partner to improve strawberry to please breeders, growers & chefs (Fox 8 News) strawberry revolution
(Wake Quarterly)

Jeremy Pattison breeds better berries (CALS news)
berry breeder & Johnson & Wales Dean partnership
(CALS News story)
teaching Johnson & Wales culinary students the benefits of local produce (Salisbury Post)
SARE grant: grad student tests mastitis herbal remedies for organic dairies Entomologist, Dr. Clyde Sorenson: mating cicadas are the local "alien buzz" CALS corn expert, Dr. Ron Heiniger: southeastern corn growers count on ethanol pastured & other specially raised meats no safer to eat (WRAL) research helps farmers avoid livestock poisoning from buttercup (Salisbury Post)
swine industry names reproductive physiologist, Dr. Billy Flowers, a 2011 Industry Master CALS entomologists: Dealing with the "bad bugs of summer" (WRAL) Dr. Ron Heiniger: late planted corn risks aflatoxin contamination (Southeast Farm Press) NC biotech industry & CALS spin-offs, BRI & Advanced Animal Diagnostics (Wilmington StarNews) Building A Better Insect: NAS member Dr. Fred Gould is  Tarheel of the Week (Raleigh N&O)

Continental Technologies to Build NCSU Lab for AvJet Biotech Jet Fuel Production Using CALS Technology   more

AV Biojet Licenses NCSU Technology

Loss of Gatekeeper Protein Linked to Skin Cancer
Taking the bite
out of
potato late blight,
cause of the Irish Potato Famine
Dr. Lee-Ann Jaykus participates in food safety review for federal Food Safety Modernization Act) Dr. Fred Yelverton named one of the 20 Most Influential People in the Green Industry for 2010 by Green Media Recent CALS alumnus, Dr. Julien Ayroles, named to prestigious Society of Harvard Fellows Dr. Allen Foegeding receives 2011 Wm. C. Haines Dairy Award from California Dairy Research Foundation

updated 7-21-11