Everett W. Byrd Endowment
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In 1990 Mr. Everett W. Byrd, a Bladen County peanut farmer, established an endowment for "the purpose of enhancing the teaching, research and public service functions of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at North Carolina State University.”

Mr. and Mrs. Byrd requested that the funds from the endowment be used for peanut research.

Please submit your proposals (one copy), in a format similar to that for commodity proposals.

Send to Cindy Conyers:


(515-2717) by the second Friday in April.  Proposals may be submitted as Word documents attached to an e-mail message.

Feel free to call Cindy if you have any questions.

The North Carolina Agricultural Foundation agreed to provide the family appropriate information each year on how the funds are used, so a progress report is necessary by the end of the award year.
collage of peanut images