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Big Science for
Big Questions

Research led by Dr. John Cavanagh, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Molecular and Structural Chemistry, examines how the structure and flexibility of proteins influence how they carry out their roles. Cavanagh was the first to develop a method to increase the sensitivity of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) analysis. He also was part of a major research effort that characterized the shape of calbindin-D28K, a protein linked to the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's.

Cavanagh currently leads an effort between NC State and the
V Foundation for Cancer Research that will introduce young scientists to therapeutic cancer research.

In the private sector, cutting edge innovation often depends on early investment by venture capitalists.

Likewise, in a great university, investment must be made in early stage work to lay the groundwork for scientific discovery.

This kind of timely investment is more critical now than ever before, as new technologies enable scientists to address complex questions in human health, agriculture and the environment through an integrated systems approach that reveals information about biological systems never before accessible. This "big science" approach is already yielding insights into the treatment of a broad range of human, animal and plant disorders. Investment in technology to support these endeavors, combined with flexible funding to support emerging research, is essential to maintaining NC State's scientific enterprise at the highest level.

Though its Innovation Fund, the NCALS Research Foundation will fuel a competitive grant program that helps CALS researchers stretch the boundaries of science and technology. This endowment provides:

  • recruiting dollars,
  • start-up money, and
  • bridge funding
to ensure that the College retains a stellar faculty, top-rate infrastructure and the flexibility to sustain substantive work in critical areas of scientific inquiry.

Through investment in the Innovation Fund, contributors partner in the discovery of solutions that improve quality of life and enhance economic development across North Carolina, and around the world.
The Innovation Fund Founders Club
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The Annual Fund >>

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Founders Club Donor Benefits
  • Annual roundtable discussion with CALS administration and leading scientists
  • Shareholder meetings with Research Foundation Board members and scientists who received grants from the Innovation Fund
  • Virtual Dividend the opportunity to influence a small percentage of Innovation Fund income set aside for direction by Founders
  • Recognition in College and Foundation publications, and at events
  • Membership in NC State University Lifetime Giving Societies
  • Invitations to special events

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An Innovation Fund Founder ... believes in the power of science to improve our lives and the world around us. A Founder is willing to invest resources to support the unceasing scientific inquiry that such innovation requires.

Through an investment of $15,000 or more, a donor can create a named unrestricted endowment to support ongoing research in agriculture and the life sciences. By doing so, the donor plays an active role in advancing scientific discovery ... and leaves a legacy that will fuel innovation in perpetuity.

Innovation Fund endowments may be funded with cash or gifts of stock or other real property, with pledges over a period of up to five years, or through a deferred gift.
The Annual Fund
The Innovation Fund >>
The Innovation Fund Founders Club >>
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Facilities Development

One of only two teaching and research mills in the nation, the Feed Mill Educational Unit provides opportunities for students to learn the principles and methods of feed manufacturing in a hands-on learning laboratory environment.

A variety of rooms in the College's new Feed Mill Educational Unit are named for corporate and individual donors.
feedmill siols

In most organizations, annual funds are expended immediately for current needs.

With an eye to the future, contributions to the NCALS Research Foundation Annual Fund are invested directly in the NCALS Innovation Fund, building this endowment and providing perpetual support to the College's research enterprise. Alternatively, donors may direct their annual fund gifts toward current priorities of the Research Foundation.

Investment may be made at these levels:

Visionary: $5,000 Collaborator: $250
Futurist: $2,500 Partner: $100
Innovator: $1,000 Investor: $50
Pacesetter: $500  


Annual Fund Donor Benefits
  • Invitation to the annual shareholder meeting with Research Foundation Board Members and scientists who received grants from the Innovation Fund
  • Annual report on CALS research achievements
  • Quarterly issues of Perspectives, the magazine of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Visionary investors will also join Founders Club members in an annual roundtable discussion with College leadership.