Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory
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Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory
4201 Inwood Road
Raleigh, NC 27603
Superintendent: Curtis Powell
T 919.515.2823
F 919.515.6338
General Information
The Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory offers nearly 1,500 acres for teaching, research and extension requests made by NCSU faculty. Many of the units hosted here are operated by various departments in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS) such as Animal Science; Poultry Science; Crop Science; Biological & Agricultural Engineering; Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences; Entomology; and Soil Science.

Lake Wheeler Field Lab Units and their operating departments are listed below.

Contact information appears at "Agriculture-Related Units in the Raleigh Area."

Activities at these units are supported by the Lake Wheeler Field Laboratory personnel, which include staff for field operation, landscape & maintenance, and vehicle maintenance. Support activities include forage production, waste management, landscaping, maintenance, and repairs. Additional agronomy-related research is conducted directly by the farm operations staff.
Note: Operating Departments for Each Unit Follow the Unit Name in the Lists Below

Animal-Related Units Located at the Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory

Plant-Related Units Located at the Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory           

  • Air Quality-Plant Growth & Development Unit (USDA)
  • Agroecology Education Farm (Crop Science)
  • Fike Agronomy Teaching Field Lab (Crop Science)
  • Small Grain Research Area (USDA-ARS)
  • Soil & Water Technology Center/Land Application Facility (Soil Science)
  • Structural Pest Training Facility (Entomology)
  • Turfgrass Field Laboratory >> (Crop Science)