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Sixth Grade Math Content Survey

Read the following questions and answer each one to the best of your ability
4. Gender:
5. Race:

The figure is transformed as shown in the diagram. Describe the transformation.

A right triangle is removed from a rectangle as shown in the figure. Find the area of the remaining part of the rectangle. [Area of a triangle = 1/2(b)(h)]
10. Tom bought five candy bars and paid a total of $6.75, including tax. If each candy bar cost $1.25, how much tax did Tom pay?
11. Day 1: 312 miles
Day 2: 490 miles
Day 3: 221 miles
Day 4: 270 miles
Day 5: 503 miles

A group of girls are taking a road trip across the US. The distances they travel for each of the five days are shown.

Which is a good estimate of the number of miles traveled over the five day period?

The probability of any player winning 1 of 4 games is shown in the table. Three friends are going to play one of the games. The friends want to play the game that has the most equal chance of winning. Which game should they play?
13. Which expression equals 24?
14. Multiply and simplify.

Which transformation is shown here?
16. A board 12 ¾ feet long is cut so that 9 ¼ feet are left. What length of the board was cut off?
17. What is the best approximation of a 15% tip on a $38 car wash?

The perimeter of this regular hexagon is
19. Which statement is true?
20. What is the probability that George will draw a green marble from a container that has 6 red, 4 blue, 3 yellow and 5 green?
21. Between what two integers does the square root of 29 lie?
22. Solve.

5y - 10 = -25.
23. Milo has 15 dimes, 20 nickels, 19 pennies, 8 quarters, and 1 half dollar. Which expression shows one way Milo can combine to get $5.00.

An office manager is taking inventory of some of the equipment in the office in order to determine what new equipment should be ordered.

According to the diagram, how many machines just copy?
25. Each week when Kara goes grocery shopping she purchases g gallons of milk and e cartons of eggs. Which expression illustrates the amount of milk and eggs she has purchased over a 4 week period?

A survey of patients at a hospital classified them by sex and blood type, as shown in the table. What percent of all patients are male? [Round the answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.]
27. A city has two water towers. One tower holds 7.35 x 105 gallons of water and the other tower holds 9.78 x 105 gallons of water. What is the combined water capacity of the two towers?
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Sixth Grade Math Content Survey
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