Agri-Life Council Constitution
Revised: April 2012

The College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Agri-Life Council is an umbrella
organization consisting of representatives from student organizations in the college.
The vision of the Agri-Life Council is to make a positive contribution to the College of
Agriculture & Life Sciences by unifying our student representatives while promoting
leadership through fellowship, scholarship, and service.
The Agri-Life Council’s mission is to serve as the voice of all students in the College of
Agriculture & Life Sciences by promoting academics and student life.

Article I

The name of this organization shall be "The Agri-Life Council of North Carolina
State University," hereafter referred to as "The Council" in the Constitution and

Article II

Section 1. Purposes of the Council shall be to promote achievement in
scholarship, leadership, and service both within The College of Agriculture and
Life Sciences (CALS) and the University as a whole; and to promote stronger
connections within the organizations and staff within CALS and NC State
Section 2. The Council shall act as a liaison between the students and the
Section 3. The Agri-Life Council is charged with the distribution of The College
Fee to student organizations in the college.

Article III

Section 1. Any student organization affiliated with the College of Agriculture and
Life Sciences and/or the Agricultural Institute shall have two elected members on
the Council. Alternates may serve their club when their regular representatives
are absent.
Section 2. Any student attending North Carolina State University is allowed to
attend as a non-voting participant of the council.

Article IV

Section 1. Officers of this organization shall be President, Vice-President,
Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, and a Senate Liaison. The term of the office
shall be one academic year for each officer position. Officers shall be elected at
the end of the academic school year and shall take office at the beginning of the
following academic school year after the end of the year banquet and/or last
meeting. No officer may succeed himself/herself in the same office. In order to
serve as an officer, a student must have a grade point average of 2.0 or better.
At no point should an officer of the council represent a club that he/she is a
member of for any purpose while at a council meeting. Any person being
nominated for a council office should have served as a council representative for
an active club seated on the council at least one semester prior to their
Section 2. Elected officers must attend all executive meetings and all council
meetings as scheduled. If unable to attend a meeting you must contact the
President within 24 hours of the scheduled meeting time. If any elected officer is
unable to serve or voted by The Council, with a two-thirds vote, to be
inadequately fulfilling his/her duties as an officer, the Council shall elect a new
officer to replace him/her, unless the vacated office is that of President. If the
office of the president is vacated, the vice-president shall assume that office and
a new vice-president shall be elected.
Section 3. The duties of the officers shall be described in the By-Laws of the

Article V

Section 1. Advisory Committee: The advisory committee shall consist of at least
two faculty members. One new member shall be elected as needed at the end
of each academic school year by a majority vote of the officers (excluding the
Council President).
Section 2. The faculty advisors shall be members of the faculty of the College of
Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Section 3. The members of the advisory committee shall come from different
Section 4. The faculty member who has served longer on the committee shall
serve as senior advisor. The other faculty members shall be titled the junior
Section 5. The advisory committee shall advise the Council in all matters.

Article VI

Section 1. Every undergraduate in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
shall pay to the college treasurer a fee. The fee shall be handled by the college
treasurer and expended only on a warrant issued by the director of Academic
Affairs of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences as based on the Council's
Section 2. Any club represented on the Council shall have the right to apply to
the Council for excess funds as described in the By-Laws.
Section 3. Any club or organization receiving funding from two or more college
Councils will receive no more than the projected allocation.

Article VII

The Council shall sponsor one required activity, decided upon by the officer
team, which all clubs wishing to receive excess funds must participate in. The
Council shall also sponsor any social or informative optional activities when
deemed appropriate.

Article VIII
Voting Procedures

Section 1. Each club represented on the Council shall have two voting members,
the two elected Agri-Life Council representatives. In the absence of a Council
representative, a club appointed alternate may act as a voting member.
Section 2. CALS Student Senators attending council meetings shall have one
vote each.
Section 3. Only delegates present at the time of voting may cast a ballot.
Section 4. Voting is open to "active" clubs seated on the council.
Section 5. Voting shall be by hand or by secret ballot if requested..
Section 6. Officers of the Council shall have one vote each on all business
except election of officers.
Section 7. In the event of a tie, the Council president shall break the tie.

Article IX

Section 1. The Council shall establish a set of By-Laws to include operational
and procedural matters. The By-Laws shall not be in conflict with this
Section 2. By-Laws may be adopted, amended, or suspended by a two-thirds
vote of the total membership (two representatives per club) of the Council, if
quorum is present at the meeting.

Article X

This constitution may be amended by three-quarters vote of all the Council
Representatives, the vote coming not less than two weeks after the amendment
was proposed, if quorum is present at the meeting.

Article XI

Section 1. Regular meetings shall be held on the first and third Thursday nights
of every month unless otherwise designated by the Council President. The
meeting place shall be that designated by the president.
Section 2. A quorum shall be two-thirds of the "active" clubs seated on the
council. One representative from each club will be considered an "active" club
present. A quorum must be present to conduct official business.

Article XII

Section 1. An undergraduate club will be considered "active" if both of the
following criteria are met:
1. A letter is received by the Agri-Life Council at the time of the Council’s
excess fund allocation process each semester or at the discretion of the Council
President, stating that it intends to be an "active" club that semester. This
letter must be signed by the club president, advisor, and both Agri-Life Council
2. A club may miss no more than two meetings during a semester. The club
must have at least one representative or a "proxy" present for the club to be
considered present. The club may appoint any member of their organization to
serve as a proxy; however, at no time will an Agri-Life Council officer be allowed
to perform the duties of an Agri-Life Representative or act as a proxy for said
Failure to meet both criteria renders a club inactive for that semester and the club
forfeits its voting privileges in Agri-Life Council matters.
Section 2. After the first absence, the vice-president of the Council will contact
the club's president and advisor and will explain the consequences of future
Section 3. As a punitive measure, absences in the preceding semester will be
taken into consideration by the Excess Funds Committee for the next distribution
of funds, as stated later in the bylaws.
Section 4. Following a club or organization's third absence from Agri-Life Council
meetings, the club or organization will forfeit active status on the council and
must serve a probationary period of one full academic semester before being
eligible to re-petition. During the probationary period the club's representatives
may have no more than two absences.




Article I
Duties of the Officers

Section 1. The Agri-Life Council President, from hereafter referred to as the
president, shall preside at all meetings of the Council. He/she shall name all
committees for which no provision has otherwise been made. He/she shall
perform such other duties as the Constitution and By-Laws prescribe to those
imposed on his/her office by parliamentary practice.
Section 2. The Agri-Life Council Vice-president, from hereafter referred to as the
vice-president, shall perform the president's duties during the president's
absence. He/she shall be coordinator of all Council activities and act as the
Coordinator of all meals sponsored by clubs serving on the Council and keep
record of the points system for awards.
Section 3. The Agri-Life Council Secretary, from hereafter referred to as the
secretary, shall: (1) make and keep official records of the Council; (2) keep an
accurate record of attendance at Council meetings; (3) handle Council
correspondence; (4) ensure all meetings’ minutes and active club representative
contact information is saved electronically for future reference; and (5) print all
certificates of participation for each member of the Council to be presented at the
end of the year banquet and/or last Council meeting.
Section 4. The Agri-Life Council Treasurer, from hereafter referred to as the
treasurer, shall: (1) disburse all funds approved by the Council, (2) audit records
of all enterprises for which fees are expended; (3) make a written report each
semester of all expenditure through Council activities; and (4) serve as chairman
of the Excess Funds Committee.
Section 5. The Agri-Life Council Reporter, from hereafter referred to as the reporter shall (1)
see that all information pertaining to the Council that should be published is
placed in the proper publication channels; (2) be responsible for posting Council
meeting notices; (3) keep all information pertaining to the Council up to date on
the Council website including meeting dates, fundraising information, past
meeting minutes, a list of active organizations, and any pertinent documents.
Section 6. The Agri-Life Council Student Government Representative, shall act
as a representative between the Agri-Life Council and the NC State University
Student Government. He/She shall: (1) attend each meeting of the (Student
Body) President's Roundtable and Chancellor’s Liaison; (2) and thereafter submit
a report of the business to the Agri-Life Council. A proxy shall be appointed to
fulfill the duties of the office in the event that the Student Government
Representative is absent from a given meeting, however the Student
Government Representative is required to attend the majority of the meetings.
He/she shall also be responsible for providing the council with information
regarding Student Government Appropriations of funds and elections of officers.
The Student Government Representative shall also be responsible for
maintaining an open line of communication with current CALS Senators to
ensure their involvement on the Council.

Article II

Section 1. Members of the Council upon completion of their terms shall receive a
certificate for service on the Council. Certificates shall be presented at the end of
the year Agri-Life Council Banquet.
Section 2. The Council shall present any other awards as it deem appropriate at
the end of the year banquet.
Section 3. Annual Scholarship Award: A minimum of one annual award will be
given by the Council to a current student with a minimum of a 2.5 overall GPA
and that has served at least one semester on the council in the past, present, or
elected to serve. Applicants shall fill out & print a scholarship application and put
the semester they served or have been elected to serve on the council at the top
of the page. Advisors will view the academic requirements and remove names
from applications. Officers will then discuss and vote on applicants for
scholarship(s). The amount of this award will be given out based on fundraising
activities during the year.

Article III
Functions of the Council

The Council shall sponsor at least one major social function and at least one
major informative program during the school year. The Council may sponsor any
other activities which it deems necessary.

Article I V
Applying for Excess Funds

Section 1. An Excess Funds Committee shall be established each academic
semester, fall and spring, consisting of the Council treasurer as chairmen, and
the additional Council officers as members. Two voluntary members from the
council may also join the committee, and one of the Council advisors when their
schedule permits.
Section 2. Any active club anticipating applying for excess funds for a semester,
should submit an application for excess funds that can be found on the council
website along with the additional documents as described in Section 3.
Section 3. When a club applies for excess funds from the council, it shall submit
the following documents to the Council Treasurer one Council meeting prior to
the allocation meeting at which the request will be considered.
Letter of Intent
Honor Code
Activities Summary
A copy of the most recent financial statements from the club's financial
(All these documents are due the second or third regular meeting as decided by
the Council President.)
Section 4. The Excess Funds Committee shall consider the request and using
the estimates of anticipated requests shall make a recommendation to the club
concerning the requests.
Section 5. The Council officers shall consider the recommendation of the Excess
Funds Committee in making their decision with respect to the allocation of
excess funds to each "active" club applying for said funds.
Section 6. The allocation can only be made after approval of the Council officers
in consultation with the advisors.
Section 7. At the beginning of each semester, the Council shall balance its
checking account at $2500.00 or an amount deemed necessary by Council
officers and advisors for Council expenses. All other funds shall be distributed
to eligible "active" clubs that have submitted a complete application for Excess
Section 8. Any request of $100 or less may be allocated by three-quarters vote
of the Council without a detailed budget. Any request over $100 requires a
detailed budget. The Council may allocate no more than fifty percent of the club's
projected expenses.
Section 9. Absences will affect a club's funding as follows:
Absence 1 - 10%
Absence 2 - 50%
3 Absences or more - No Funding will be allocated
These percentages affect the Excess Funds Committee's recommendation to the
Council officers, and not the club's request.
Attendance for the Agri-Life meetings, when concerning allocations, will begin on the
meeting date of the fund notification and ends on the meeting at which the following
semester’s budgets are due. Note: Fund notification is the letter of allocations being
Section 10. Agri-Life Council Excess Funds Criteria--Attached to the Agri-Life
Council Request for Excess Funds Form will be criteria the Excess Funds
Committee will look favorably upon when recommending the allocation of excess
funds to clubs/organizations of the Agri-Life Council. The information listed will
serve as a check list for the Excess Funds Committee, and as an indicator to
clubs/organizations as to why they did or did not receive the amount of funds
requested. The following criteria will be attached to the Agri-Life Council Request
for Excess Funds Form.
1. Number of club/organization members
2. Membership dues paid by members
The following should be included in the Activities Summary:
3. Community service projects engaged in, or planned to be engaged in during
the semester the funds are requested
4. Fund raising projects presently engaged in, or planned to be engaged in
during the semester the funds are requested
5. Any other club activities or events that the club is presently engaged in, or
plans to be engaged in during the semester the funds are requested
Section 11. Surplus Funds and Activity Budget--A club/organization
demonstrating a surplus of funds on the Agri-Life Council Request for Excess
Funds, will not be discriminated against by the Excess Funds Committee for
operating successful entrepreneurial activities. In the event that a club/
organization displays a surplus of funds the club/organization must submit a
detailed budget for a specific activity or activities they would like the Agri-Life
Council to subsidize. This activity budget should be drawn up by the club/
organization and should be submitted in addition to the Agri-Life Council Request
for Excess Funds Form. Examples of activities for which funding will be
considered include community service projects, participation in professional
meetings, field trips, etc.
Section 12. Honor Code--A club/organization must disclose all financial
information to the Agri-Life Council Excess Funds Committee. Copies of the
most recent financial statement for demand deposit accounts, money market
accounts, certificates of deposit, saving accounts, etc. must be attached to the
Agri-Life Council Request for Excess Funds Form.
The following statement will become known as the "Excess Funds Honor Code:"
"We have disclosed all financial information and statements requested by the
Agri-Life Council Excess Funds Committee consisting of all demand deposit
accounts, money market accounts, certificates of deposit, savings accounts, etc.
We understand that financial assets not disclosed, will be considered a violation
of the Excess Funds Honor Code and the University Student Code of Conduct."
The president and adviser of the club/organization must sign and date the above
statement in order for the Excess Funds Committee to consider the club's/
organization's request for excess funds.
A club/organization that does not submit all financial information requested by
the Excess Funds Committee, and signs the above statement; will be found in
violation of the Excess Funds Honor Code. A club/organization found in violation
of the Excess Funds Honor Code will not receive any excess funds from the Agri-
Life Council for the semester they are found to be in violation, and for three
subsequent semesters thereafter.
A club/organization may appeal a violation of the Excess Funds Honor Code to
the Agri- Life Council Executive Committee by providing a written notice of
appeal within twenty-four hours of being found in violation. The Agri-Life Council
Executive Committee will then meet with the club/organization president and
adviser to review the violation and sanction. A final determination by the Agri-Life
Council Executive Committee will be made within twenty-four hours of the
meeting with the club/organization president and adviser.
Section 13. The first semester that a club or organization is eligible to apply for
Excess Funds they may receive up to $100.00 for start-up funds.
Section 14. Incorrect or incomplete budget packets will receive deductions from
the projected allocation as deemed by the Agri-Life Council Excess Funds