Earning points: 

1 point:

  • Attendance
    • 1 point per person per club meeting, max 2 points per meeting
  • Replanting dairy unit planter
    • 1 point per club member
  • Donating winter clothes and rolling suitcases for women's center
    • 3 points per suitcase and 1 point per 3 clothing items

3 points:

  • Providing snacks for a Council meeting
  • Participating in fundraising committee for the Council
    • 3 points per member on the committee (Agri-Life special events/council projects

5 points:

  • Providing the best snacks of the semester

10 points:

  • Presenting information about your club at the last meeting of the Spring semester


The CALS cup award goes to the club with the greatest number of points per club member, so it doesn't matter if your club is large or small.

**Service Project Form