Spend-A-Day-At-State with the Agricultural Institute!

Are you interested in learning more about the Agricultural Instititue, the 2 year Associates of Applied Science Degree program part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State?

Then sign up for one of our Spend-A-Day-At-State visits! The individualized visits include a meeting with our Director, a meeting with an advisor in your specfic area of interest, attend an Ag Institute class and go to lunch with a current student! During your visit you will also get a brief tour of campus and learn what the Agricultural Institute has to offer you!

AGI Spring SADAS Registration - The Spring visits are finished for the semester. The Fall dates should be posted by the first part of August so keep checking back!

Sorry, we are unable to take requests by phone.

Additional questions should be emailed to Kayla B. Howell.

Information for your visit!

How do I get to campus?
NC State University is located in downtown Raleigh, NC. Please click here for directions to campus. The first step is to check on the NCSU transportation website for information about visitor parking.

Where do I park?
Like most large universities, parking is limited and visitors must park in designated areas. Please click here for additional information about obtaining your visitor permit.

How long will I be on campus?
Length of time varies based on your interests. You should plan to be on campus the majority of the day.  Our visits include lunch with a current student in one of our University Dining Halls (complimentary lunch for visiting student; guests will need to pay the current dining hall fee).

What does the day include?
A general college overview session, attending a class for students (parents may be able to attend the class as well if space is available), a faculty meeting in your area of interest and lunch with a current student!

What if I want additional information about my major of interest?
We will provide summary sheets, semester displays with courses, and a contact sheet for the major of interest you chose when registering. We will also schedule a faculty meeting so you can visit the department you want to learn about.

Is there a campus tour?
Students who take you to lunch will give you a brief tour of main campus.  Should you want a more extensive tour, hour long walking tours of main campus are offered through the Joyner Visitor Center. You can schedule a tour using your wolfPAW account. Just login and click Visit Campus. Please note: you should schedule your tour AFTER you register for your AGI Spend-A-Day-At-State so you know which time will fit with your visitation schedule.