Get a Head Start 

Student success is about more than spending time in the classroom or studying books. That's why we've partnered with departments and the agricultural industry to deliver internship programs for students who are hungry for knowledge beyond campus.

The Agricultural Internship Program



With generous support from the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission, the Agricultural Institute (AGI) at NC State University offers a summer internship program designed to reinforce classroom learning through an off-campus experience.

Note: New for fall 2017, all students will be required to take AGI 191: Professional Development in the spring semester before their internship. The course focuses on specific, research-based employability skills necessary to succeed in today's workforce.

Internship Resources

Students who complete an internship have a unique opportunity to put their classroom knowledge and skills into practice in a real-world work setting. Employers can partner with NC State and connect with student workers to meet employment needs.

Here are some resources to help you get started:

Watch our video and learn more about Ag Institute internships


For more information on internships at AGI, contact:

Alyssa Degreenia