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News about the Department can be found here. The news items are in chronological order with the most recent entries being listed first. Older news can be found by scanning down the page. If you are a graduate or a current student and receive an award, honor, elective office, etc. please let us know so that we can share the good news. Send information to the AEE webmaster.

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1/22/2016 - NC FFA Center Summer Camp Counselor 

Students, are you looking for a summer job? The NC FFA Center is hiring 7-8 summer camp counselors. Summer camp counselors lead morning exercises, officiate and coordinate athletic events, facilitate nightly reflections, lifeguard, and work in the camp store. Summer counselors are provided lodging, three meals a day, $450 weekly pay, and opportunities for additional pay for weekend duty. This is a great summer job for college students. Applications are due by February 12th to the NC FFA Office. For more information and the application click here. 

12/9/2015 - AEE Day

AEE Day was held on Saturday, December 5th. We had approximately 400 high school students attend the event that was from 9 – 11 am before the NC State basketball game. The students attended a workshop, had a tour of campus, and were able to hear about applying to NC State. We enjoyed getting to meet perspective students and share our campus with them. We are grateful to all of the students in the AEE department who came out and volunteered to help with the event. The event was successful and we look forward to having again next year! 

12/2/2015 - ACTER Conference

Several people from our department were recognized at the ACTER conference that was held in late November. Congratulations to Amanda Lunsford, Wendy Warner, Travis Park, and Joy Morgan for their ACTER Outstanding Paper! Also, congratulations to Caroline Sheffield, Kevin Curry, Wendy Warner, and David Jones on the Second Place Outstanding Poster Award at the 2015 ACTER Conference.

11/12/2015 - ACTE Membership

Attention all students in Agricultural Education! You are eligible for free membership in the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE). To become a member, all you need to do is fill out the form here and turn it in before Thanksgiving. You can turn the completed form into Dr. Flowers, Dr. Moore, Dr. Park, Dr. Warner, or Dr. Morgan. We encourage all agricultural education majors to take advantage of this opportunity!

10/27/2015 - "Principles of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources"

Picture of published book.

Drs. Barry Croom and Travis Park from AEE along with Dr. John Rayfield and Kasee Smith from Texas A&M have published an exciting new book for high school agriculture teachers called “Principles of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources.” Congratulations on this accomplishment! 



10/12/2015 - Last Day to Drop Course 

This Friday, October 16, is the last date to drop a course or to change a course from a letter grade to credit only (pass/fail) grading. You cannot drop lower than 12 semester hours. 
Changing a course from a letter grade to credit only is allowed for physical education courses and free electives. 
You should  always check with your advisor before making any changes in your schedule.

9/17/2015 - National FFA Convention

Are you interested in attending National FFA Convention? The AEE Department will be traveling to National FFA Convention October 27 through November 1. Each year, the AEE Club and Collegiate FFA members travel to the convention to promote CALS and NC State. We host a booth to recruit future Wolfpack! If you would like to go, please complete the following by Wednesday, September 30. 

1.     Email and let him know that you will be attending.

2.     Provide a $200 check to help cover your expenses of travel, hotel, and registration. Meals and entertainment will be your only expense in Louisville.

9/3/2015 - Welcome Back Cookout 

Picture of students at the AEE cookout socializing Wednesday September 2nd was the Welcome Back AEE Cookout. Many students in the department came together to eat, play games and fellowship. We had a great turnout and all of the faculty enjoyed getting to meet new students and welcome back returning students. We look forward to working with all the students throughout this year.  Picture of students at cookout playing corn hole.



8/24/2015 - AEE Welcome Week! 

This week is AEE Welcome Week! We are looking forward to getting to know the new students and welcoming the returning students back. The first event this week involves getting an AEE tote bag and portfolio pad. In order to get these, you must do five things:

1. Obtain the “secret” code word by looking at the television display on the first floor of Ricks Hall right outside of Room 113.  

2. Find the student lounge in Ricks Hall and write down the room number (hint: it is some place on the 1st floor). If you take a selfie inside the student lounge, then you will get both a portfolio pad and a shopping tote bag.

Show your selfie to Meg or Dr. Moore in Room Room 201 (or e-mail it to

3. There is a display case outside of Room 201 Ricks. It currently has a brief history of the department. Our Department Head in the 1950s was a gentleman by the name of Caycee Scarborough. He had a collection of “something”. What did he collect?

4 & 5. Obtain the signature of two AEE faculty members. They will be expecting you. Just stick your head in the faculty member’s office, introduce yourself, and then ask for their signature. You can find their office locations here.

After completing all five parts, you can get your prize as well as popcorn and a drink by turning in the information to Meg or Dr. Moore in Room 201 of Ricks Hall between 10 am and 5 PM Monday-Friday this week (August 24 – 28).

The second event is an AEE cookout that will be held Monday August 31 from 4 to 6 pm in the Lee Residence Hall Parent Park. This is located behind Lee Residence Hall. We look forward to seeing you! 

8/19/2015 - Welcome Back!

WELCOME BACK STUDENTS!! We are excited that you are back on campus. We look forward to continuing to work with returning students and meeting new students. If the faculty can help you in any way let us know! Enjoy your first week of classes! 

4/29/2015 - CALS Teaching Award

Kevin Curry


Earlier this week at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Teaching Awards reception, Kevin Curry, a doctoral student in AEE received the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Graduate Student Teaching Award of Merit. Congratulations, Kevin!



4/22/2015 - FFA Chartering Ceremony


Dr. Jones and Dr. Flowers attended the FFA Charter Ceremony for the Springfield Middle School FFA Chapter on 4/21. We want to welcome this new FFA chapter and their Advisor, Jessica Murray, to the North Carolina FFA Association.



4/7/2015 - Spring Hope Elementary Agriculture Day

Pictured from left to right is Danielle, Carmen, Tori, and Jessica


While most students were relaxing on their spring holiday, four AEE students were working hard to educate Spring Hope Elementary School students about agriculture. Agriculture Day was organized by Tori Parker and featured lessons from Carmen Honeycutt, Danielle Blake, and Jessica Martin. We are so proud of our students efforts to promote agricultural literacy. 



3/17/2015 - Association for Career and Technical Education National Policy Seminar

The AEE department was well represented at the recent Association for Career and Technical Education National Policy Seminar in Washington, DC. Dr. Jim Flowers attended his last board meeting as the ACTE Division Vice-President for Agricultural Education. Dr. Gary Moore made a presentation to the ACTE Board titled "Controlled Chaos: Everything You Need to Know About Parliamentary Procedure But Didn't Know to Ask." Dr. David Jones spoke to the state leadership group about the power of Visioning.

2/4/2015 - Southern Association of Agricultural Scientist Anuual Meeting 

The AEE program was well represented at the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientist annual meeting in Atlanta, Feb 1-3. We presented 3 research papers and 3 posters to the Agricultural Education Section. Two of the research papers were selected to receive Distinguished Manuscript designations (only 5 papers received this designation) and two of the posters were recognized as Distinguished Posters with one being selected as the outstanding poster.

The three research papers were:

"A qualitative study of the NAAE award program for beginning teachers: Have we found the key to beginning agriculture teacher retention?" by Megan Wood.

"Motivations to Study Abroad: A Case Study of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Agribusiness Short Term Study Abroad Program" by Amber Willis, Wendy Warner, Barbara Kirby and David Jones. This was a distinguished manuscript.

"Student-to-Student Interaction in Distance Education Classes: What Do Graduate Students Want?" by Gary Moore, Wendy Warner and David Jones. This was a distinguished manuscript.

The three posters were:

"Stepping Outside of Comfort Zones Through the Use of Service Learning" by Joy Morgan and Beth Wilson. This was the outstanding poster in the Innovative division.

"Comparing the Effectiveness of Different Teaching Methods in Educating Master Gardeners about Integrated Pest Management" by Daniel Simpson and Jay Jayaratne.

"A Comprehensive View of the Environmental Science Literacy of North Carolina Preservice Agriculture Teachers" by Kevin Curry, Wendy Warner, Travis Park and Kathryn Stevenson. This was one of six research posters to be recognized as Distinguished Posters.

1/7/2015 - Welcome Back!

Welcome Back AEE Students to the 2015 Spring Semester!

We hope that you had a good break and were able to spend time with family and friends over the holidays.

We want to congratulate the 48 students in the department who earned the honor of being named to the Dean's List at NC State last semester! We have posted lists of our students who received this honor in the hallways on the 2nd floor of Ricks Hall. This represents almost a third of the undergraduate students in the department! And a special congratulations to the 5 students who earned 4.00 GPA's in the fall semester.

We want to extend a special welcome to our new students this semester. We know that our returning students will make them feel welcome.

Be sure to look over your schedule and make sure you are enrolled in all of the classes you need. You can add courses until January 13 without the permission of the instructor.

The faculty is looking forward to a great semester!

11/24/2014 - ACTE, NAAE, and ACTER Annual Meetings

The AEE Department was well represented at the annual meetings of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE), and the Association for Career and Technical Education Research (ACTER). All three groups met in Nashville, TN November 18-22. 

Dr. Jim Flowers serves on the ACTE Board of Directors representing Agricultural Education.

Four research papers were presented to the Association for Career and Technical Education Research. The four papers were: 1. Meghan Wood’s paper was “Have We Found the Key to Beginning Teacher Retention? A Qualitative Study of the NAAE Award Program for Beginning Teachers” 2. Kristin Stair, Amy Culbertson, & Wendy Warner presented “Teachers’ Perceptions of Common Core State Standards in Agricultural Education.”  3. Joy Morgan, Beth Wilson, Jim Flowers, “Jay” Jayaratne, & James Smith presentation was “Teachers’ Use of Test-Item Banks for Student Assessment in North Carolina Secondary Agricultural Education”. 4. Gary Moore, Wendy Warner and David Jones presented a paper title “Expectations of Graduate Students Regarding Student-to-Student Interaction in Distance Education Classes”. This paper was recognized as the Outstanding Research Paper at the Conference.

Amanda Lunsford, Wendy Warner, Travis Park, and Joy Marshall had a research poster titled “Diffusion of the edTPA: What Information do Student Teachers Need?” This poster was the runner-up for outstanding research poster at the ACTER meeting. The faculty also conducted a number of workshops for the National Association of Agricultural Educators. The workshops were: 
"Beg, Borrow, and Steal: Technology Integration Style” – Wendy Warner
“Integrating the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity…AKA…Accomplishing Instructional Shifts of the Common Core” – David Jones
“Apps in Ag Ed: The Sequel” - Wendy Warner, Joy Morgan and Chad Holloman
“Boosting Comprehension in Agriculture” – Travis Park

11/4/2014 - American FFA Degree Recipients

Congratulations to the students in AEE at NC State who received the American FFA Degree on Saturday at the National FFA Convention. The department was well represented with eight students who received the degree.

The American FFA Degree is the highest degree one can receive in FFA.

Congratulations Danielle Blake, Caroline Clement, Nicole Clemmons, Kerri Corder, Taylor Craig, Bradley Glover, Alex Miller, and Chad Sechrest.

10/2/2014 - NAPTP

Anna BrunerCongratulations to Anna Bruner, a senior in Agricultural Education at NC State University who was selected to participate in the 2014 National Agriscience Preservice Teacher Program (NAPTP) at the National FFA Convention.

The NAPTP is committed to promoting inquiry-based teaching methods and the enhancement of science in agriculture to preservice teachers in agricultural education across the nation.

This program is sponsored by Dupont.

9/23/2014 - AEE Cookout 

What are you doing this weekend? On Sunday, September 28 the AEE department will be having a cookout at Dr. Gary Moore’s nature preserve in Cary. The event will begin at 5 pm. At the cookout we will have hotdogs, baked beans, and s’mores.

This is a great opportunity for students to meet the faculty and fellow students on an informal basis. All AEE students are invited to come and bring friends and family. If you will be able to attend the event please fill out the form that was sent out via email through the AEE list serve. 

9/11/2014 - National FFA Convention

Do you want to attend National FFA Convention?

This is a great opportunity for you to go on a great trip. We need students to be involved in order to make NC State standout at convention. Why should you take advantage of this trip? For starters, you will be at convention representing NC State, CALS, and the AEE department. Also, you will have the opportunity to meet other collegiate agriculture students, attend leadership, agriculture education, and agriculture workshops. In addition, you could possibly find internships that you are interested in. Lastly, have FUN!

The cost of the trip will be $200. The $200 covers lodging, travel, and registration. Departure will be Tuesday, October 28th at 10 am and return will be Saturday, November 1st at midnight. If you are interested in attending National FFA Convention, the full amount of $200 is due by September 19th at 5 pm to Dr. Park. 

8/26/2014 - Summer Activities 

What did you do this summer? The professors in the AEE department stayed busy; here are what some of them did this summer.

Dr. Gary Moore was on the speaking circuit this summer. He spoke at both the Ohio and North Carolina Agriculture Teachers conference, presented a research paper about distance education at Montana State University to the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture and spoke at the Chautauqua Institution in New York about advances in agriculture. He also taught one summer school class - AEE 578 Research Methods. While in Montana he spent an extra five days touring the state and learning about agriculture in Montana.

Dr. Barry Croom worked on a book project this summer focusing in the areas of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. He also conducted a workshop for beginning teachers. In addition to both of these Dr. Croom is the editor of the Journal of Agricultural Education and prepared two issues for publication. 

8/18/2014 - Welcome Back!

Welcome back students! Are you ready for a great year?! During the first few weeks of class, there are many events happening on campus below are just a few of them. 

8/18: 1:30 pm Convocation 

8/19: 5 pm Chillin' & Grillin'
          7 pm Respect the Pack

8/20: First Day of Classes!
          5 pm BSB Back to School Jam

8/22: Service NC State Blood Drive
          9 pm IRC Silent Disco

8/23: 2 pm Packapalooza 

To see the full list of activities visit: 

4/3/2014 - National Teach Ag Ambassador Program

Applications for the National Teach Ag Ambassador Program are now available. The National Teach Ag Campaign is seeking the nation’s most outstanding agricultural education majors to represent the profession as National Teach Ag Ambassadors at the 2014 National FFA Convention career show, October 26-October 31 in Louisville, KY and throughout the year at the state level. 

 Ambassadors will be responsible for the logistical operations of the Teach Ag booth during FFA Convention; including booth setup and teardown, staffing the interactive activities, general booth maintenance and other Teach Ag related activities that occur during the week of National FFA Convention.

Applications for this position are due April 25th. This is a great opportunity for agriculture education majors; if you are interested and would like to learn more click here

3/4/2014 - DELTA Conference Part II

Over the weekend of February 28 through March 1, 21 new teachers from across North Carolina met at the NC FFA Center at White Lake for part II of the Agriculture Education Induction Conference. Part I of this conference was held last October. This program is called DELTA and is geared towards lateral entry teachers but can benefit new certified teachers also. This new program is coordinated by the faculty here in the AEE department. Dr. Wendy Warner and Dr. Barry Croom both presented at the conference over the weekend. Some of the topics for the conference were Connecting SAE to FFA and Instruction, Success in the Elements System, and Stress Management. The 21 teachers who attended this conference were from Currituck county all the way to Mitchell county. These teachers serve about 2,200 students in North Carolina.  

2/10/2014 - Distinguished Researcher Award

Picture of Dr. Jay
Congratulations to Dr. Jay Jayaratne who another award! He received the Distinguished Researcher Award from the Southern Region of the American Association for Agricultural Education. This award was presented to him at the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists Meeting in Dallas. Congratulations, Dr. Jay!


1/9/2014 - NC Women of Distinction Award 

Picture of Dr. Sobrero receiving her awardCongratulations to Dr. Sobrero who was presented with the "NC Women of Distinction" Award in November by the North Carolina Women's Forum. The award was presented by Lisa Grafstein, the president. This award honored Dr. Sobrero's service on statewide Boards and Commissions, especially in North Carolina, but also across her career.

11/13/2013 - National New Teacher Award 

On November 10th in Washington, DC, Dr. David Jones was named the 2013 recipient of the Excellence in College and University Teaching in the Food and Agricultural Sciences New Teacher Division. The award was presented to Dr. Jones at the 126th APLU Annual Meeting where university faculty members are honored for the use of innovative teaching methods and service to students. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and APLU, the annual awards included a stipend of $2,000 for the new teacher honoree to be used for improving teaching at their respective universities.
If you spend any time with David Jones you will undoubtedly hear the phrase, “It’s all about relationships.” Relationships and relationship building are the catalysts for the methods and style Dr. David Jones uses in his teaching. His love for students and passion for agriculture allow him to use his coursework to promote these passions to create responsible, global citizens.
Here at NC State, Dr. Jones has been able to continue his efforts to empower students while at the same time serving the agriculture industry in training a future workforce of responsible, critical thinking problem solvers who believe they are individuals working together as a whole.
The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) is a research, policy, and advocacy organization representing 223 public research universities, land-grant institutions, state university systems, and related organizations.  Founded in 1887, APLU is the nation's oldest higher education association with member institutions in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, four U.S. territories, and Canada. Annually, member campuses enroll 4 million undergraduates and 1.2 million graduate students, award over 1 million degrees, employ over 1 million faculty and staff, and conduct $39 billion in university-based research.

10/22/2013 - Excellence in Extension Program Evaluation Award

Last week Dr. Jay Jayaratne attended the American Evaluation Conference in Washington, D.C., where he was the recipient of the Excellence in Extension Evaluation Award from AEA.  This is another major award for a faculty member in the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education! The Excellence in Extension Program Evaluation Award is given for an evaluation of outstanding quality. Criteria for excellence in program evaluation are accuracy, feasibility, propriety and utility, with particular emphasis placed on utility in improving Extension programs, policies and/or accountability. Congratulations Dr. Jayaratne! 

9/30/2013 - Association of Leadership Educators Conference

This past summer the annual conference of the Association of Leadership Educators (ALE) was held in New Orleans, Louisiana July 6-10. The topic of this year’s conference was leadership and resiliency. Dr. Jackie Bruce, professor in our department along with Caroline Tart a current senior majoring in agriculture education and Dr. Sara Brierton from the poultry department attended this conference.

Caroline Tart was awarded the Founding Mother’s Scholarship which is awarded to an outstanding student showing leadership. Dr. Bruce and Dr. Brierton were awarded the outstanding case study.  Dr. Bruce is also the journal editor for ALE. The Association of Leadership Educators is great for undergraduates and graduate students who have an interest in leadership and professional development. If you are interested in presenting or attending the conference next summer which will be held in San Antonio, Texas talk to an AEE faculty member. The deadline for registering for the conference is March 1st, but if you are interested you should talk to a faculty member before the deadline. 

9/25/2013 - Agriculture Education Leadership Cohort Program 

On Sunday, September 29th, twelve of North Carolina's finest agriculture teachers will be attending a leadership development training program in Raleigh. The Ag. Ed. Leadership Cohort program is a partnership with the North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association and the North Carolina State University Agricultural and Extension Education Department. From our department, Dr. David Jones is providing the leadership for this initiative. 

The program was developed to promote Leadership and Leadership Development of North Carolina Agricultural Teachers. The cohort group consists of agriculture teachers with 5-15 years of teaching experience.  These teachers will go through a one year leadership program consisting of three visits to Raleigh and monthly conference calls.

The September 29th-October 1st program will delve into Personal Growth and Personal Leadership Development. The second visit will deal with Professionalism and Professional Growth and the last leadership training program will look at Agricultural Issues at the local, State, National and Global levels. The objectives of the program is to develop a better understanding of Agricultural Education at the State level. Participants will gain valuable leadership education that will put them in a position to take future leadership roles within the Agricultural Education discipline. 

9/19/2013 AEE Professor Keynotes Teaching Conference

One of our AEE professors, Gary Moore, was the keynote speaker at the University of Wyoming (UW) E-Volution Conference and the Western Region Agricultural Colleges Teaching Symposium which was held Sept. 13-14. The Outreach School at UW sponsors a teaching with technology conference every year to bring their faculty up to speed on the latest advances in teaching technology (it is known as the E-Volution Conference). Additionally the Academic Deans at the Agricultural Colleges in the West hold an annual teaching symposium. This year those two events were combined. Dr. Moore's presentation was titled "Searching for the Wizard of Oz - In the College Classroom and in Cyberspace."  He did enjoy attending a Wyoming football game against UNC (the University of Northern Colorado). The stadium holds 33,000 and is 7,220 feet above sea level.