The AG*IDEA Program


The Agricultural Education Division of AG*IDEA is a consortium of universities sharing graduate courses in agricultural education, extension education, agricultural communications, and agricultural leadership in order to provide a master’s degree in Agricultural Education at all of the participating universities. The program is administered by the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA) located at Kansas State University. The Agricultural Education Division is made up of representatives from the participating universities who determine course offerings for each semester, including summer courses.

There are currently seven universities who are part of the Agricultural Education Division of AG*IDEA with additional universities considering joining. The current members of the Agricultural Education Division are:

  • California State University – Chico
  • Kansas State University
  • North Carolina State University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Texas Tech University
  • University of Arkansas
  • University of Missouri


How Does AG*IDEA Work?

All students who take AG*IDEA courses have a home university (listed above). The member institutions award the degree, not AG*IDEA. While the courses offered through AG*IDEA may come from any of the institutions listed, you would always be a student at your home university.

Every semester each consortium member identifies 1-4 graduate level courses they are willing to share with the other universities. A Master list of courses is then developed. Students in degree programs at the various universities then may choose to take courses from their home institution or courses from a member of the consortium. However, the student enrolls in the course through his/her home university using the corresponding course number found at their home institution. Thus there is no need to apply or enroll at the teaching university and there are no problems with transferring courses back to the home institution because you sign up through you home institution. The beauty of this consortium is you may choose to take courses from recognized leaders in the profession and/or you can take a course that you may need in your program even if your home institution is not offering it during a particular semester. And some universities may offer courses that your home university does not offer.  However, one drawback is that each university operates on their own semester calendar. So one must realize that some universities might start a course three weeks earlier (or later) than their home university

The tuition for AG*IDEA courses is a common tuition price, established by the AG*IDEA Board of Directors (which includes other agriculture programs in addition to Agricultural Education). To find the current cost of an AG*IDEA course go to Note that the cost is per credit hour.

In planning for this consortium, all the member universities agreed that there should be some commonality among the programs. Thus, four core courses have been identified. So no matter which university is your home university you will be expected to complete courses that focus on:

  • Foundations of the Profession (history and philosophy)
  • Instructional Methodologies
  • Program/Curriculum Planning
  • Research

A decision was also made that the core courses would be available every semester and that particular universities would be responsible for teaching the core courses so there would be some continuity and uniformity.

If you are a NCSU student and want to enroll in an AG*IDEA course, there are three things you need to know or do:

1. The listing of AG*IDEA courses available during a particular semester can be found on the AG*IDEA web site - You should find a list of course offerings for upcoming semesters in the Course Planner on that web page. Talk to your advisor about the course or courses you would like to take through AG*IDEA.

2. After deciding on a course, you need to complete a NCSU AG*IDEA course enrollment form - Registration Form.pdf. This form has to be signed by your academic advisor so you will need to be in contact with your advisor. Do NOT enroll yourself in an AG*IDEA course using the university enrollment system.

3. There is an acknowledgement form that has to be signed that authorizes us to share information about you (such as your e-mail address) with the university where you will be taking the course. - Acknowledgment Form.pdf