What does Jim Hunt (former 4 term governor of the state), Julian Smith (former agriculture teacher at Chatham Central High School who trained multiple national championship FFA Floriculture teams), Wendell Murphy (one of the largest swine producers in the nation), and the former Jim Graham who served as North Carolina Commission of Agriculture for 30+ years have in common? They are all graduates of our Department.

Our graduates receive a broad-based quality education that prepares them specifically for careers as agriculture teachers and extension agents and for numerous positions in the world of agriculture (and for positions outside of agriculture). Research shows that our graduates have entered over 90 different types of jobs.

In the words of Dr. Seuss "Oh, the Places You'll Go" with a degree from the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education.  



The following table shows a partial listing of positions our graduates hold. 
  Agricultural Education   Extension Education   Agricultural Science
  • High School Agriculture Teacher
  • Middle School Agricultural Education Teacher
  • Middle Grades Science Teacher
  • Community College Instructor
  • Education Specialist, Botanical Gardens
  • Agricultural Industry Positions
  • Agricultural Sales, Major Agricultural Biotech and Crop Protection Companies
  • Crop Protection Consultant
  • Regional Representative,  Major Grocery Chain
  • Environmental Specialist, Water Quality
  • Farmer/Production Agriculture
  • Poultry Technician, Major Poultry Company
  • Residential Landscaping
  • Manager, Swine Facility
  • Manager, Retail Nursery
  • Sales, Industrial Solvents
  • Turf Management Specialist, NC State University
  • County Director, Cooperative Extension
  • 4-H Agent
  • Livestock Agent
  • Crops Agent
  • Home Horticulture Agent
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Agent
  • 4-H Specialists, State 4-H Office
  • Extension Specialist, Technology
  • Account Manager, Agri-Business Communications
  • Account Manager, Exhibit Resources Inc.
  • Public Relations Director, Prestage Farms
  • Public Relations, Educational Materials Company
  • Public Relations, Agricultural Consulting Company
  • Executive Director, Small Grains Association
  • Marketing Specialist, Food Service Industry, NC Department of Agriculture
  • Marketing Department, North Carolina Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Human Resources, SAS Institute

A number of graduates have continued their education in various graduate and professional schools and are now:
  • School Principals
  • School superintendents
  • Career and Technical Education Directors
  • University Professors
  • Attorney at Laws
  • Chief Legal Counsel, NC Speaker of the House
Some of the professional and graduate schools our students have attended include:
  • Graduate School, East Carolina University
  • Graduate School, NC State University
  • Graduate School, University of Florida
  • Graduate School, University of Missouri
  • Graduate School, University of Kentucky
  • Graduate School, Clemson University
  • Graduate School, University of Tennessee
  • Graduate School, North Carolina A & T State University
  • Law School, Texas Tech University
  • Law School, University of North Carolina
  • Law School, North Carolina Central University
  • Vet School, NC State University
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