Other Agricultural Opportunities
There are numerous career opportunities in agriculture. Every five years the USDA sponsors a major study that looks at supply and demand information in agriculture. You might want to check out their latest research. One of the graphs from this publication is shown below. It shows there are not enough agricultural graduates to meet the employment opportunities. 
Employment bar chart

There was a recent article in USA Today about the need for workers in agriculture and how the agricultural industry was struggling to find people. 

There are some people who think agricultural careers are on the decline. One of the reasons for this thinking is how the U.S. Department of Labor defines agricultural jobs. Basically, they equate "farming" as agriculture and don't recognize positions in agricultural science, marketing, distribution, etc. as being agricultural jobs. Agriculture is very important in North Carolina and accounts for 28% of our state gross product. 

To learn more about career opportunities in agriculture, one might want to check out the following links:


nterested in an International experience. You might be interested to learn about a new organization called Agricorps. This organization sends agriculturalists all over the world to developing nations to teach agriculture for a year. You might want to read their news release or go to their web site.