Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Positions Available (Last Updated: September 25, 2017)

Help  wanted signThe following schools are seeking qualified applicants for Agricultural Education positions. If you are interested in applying for a position please contact the school directly by calling or e-mailing the contact person. Most teaching jobs open in April through June. At other times of the year, the listings might be a little sparse since schools don't normally hire during the regular school year.

It is a challenge keeping this page current because schools will often tell us when they have a position available, but not when they fill it. We do the best we can to keep it up-to-date. If you know of positions that should be listed or taken off this page, please let us know. This page is maintained by Travis Park (tdpark@ncsu.edu). Most recent positions are at the top.

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) maintains a listing of teaching positions. Some schools list their positions with DPI and some don't. Monthly we check their listings and add those positions. However, one might want to check out their listings and search for terms such as agriculture, horticulture, etc. to find positions that might have been listed since our last update. 

If you are interested in teaching in a specific North Carolina county, you should go to that county's school website (most counties in North Carolina have a countywide school system) and look at their vacancies. They might have a vacancy and not list it with us or DPI.

If you want an international teaching experience, please check out Agricorps at http://agricorps.org/.


71. Corinth-Holders HS
70. Pasquotank HS
69. Granville Central HS
68. West Stanly HS
67. James Kenan HS
65. St. Pauls HS
63. Southeast Halifax HS
62. North Rowan Middle School
61. Camden Middle School
60. Topsail HS
53. Perquimans County HS
52. South Providence HS (Union County)
51. North Brunswick HS
50. Crest Middle School
49. Southwest Edgecombe HS
46. Murphy HS (Cherokee County)
45. West Davidson HS
44. Central Middle School (Whiteville)
30. Warren County HS
29. Lawrence Academy
25. East Union Middle School
22. Ronald Reagan HS
1. Watauga County Middle School


Anson HS
South Asheboro Middle (Taylor Craig)
Athens Drive HS (Savannah Currens)
Brogden Middle (Kelsey Fleming)
C. E. Jordan HS (Abigail Thompson)
C. G. Hawley Middle School (Donna Albright)
Cape Fear HS (Hannah Bradshaw)
Cape Fear HS (11-month)
Clinton HS (Nathan Chabot)
Corinth Holder HS (Bradley Glover)
Corinth Holders HS (Ross Embler)
D. H. Conley HS (Shelley Armour)
East Rowan HS (Alex Miller)
Four Oaks Middle School (Crystal Heinzerling)
Heide Trask HS (Brooke Reynolds)
Heritage HS (Keonte Edmonds)
Hobbton HS (Ali Holten)
Kinston HS (Ryan Kovacs)
Ligon Middle School (Patrick Faulkner)
Madison HS (Adam Byrd)
Mattamuskeet Early College HS (Kali Beach)
McDowell HS (Clark Adams)
Meadow Middle School (Barry Honeycutt)
Mt. Pleasant HS
North Davidson HS (Kristin Bundy)
North Lenoir HS (Ray Scott Spence)
Northwood HS (Katelyn Lewis)
Pine Forest HS (Brittany Maxfield)
Princeton Middle (Hannah Drummond)
Providence Grove HS (Laura Smith)
Riverwood MS (John Ross Robertson)
R-S Central HS (search canceled)
South Brunswick HS (Jenn Fuller)
South Granville HS (Sarah Dinger)
South Granville HS (LaTasha Rouse)
Southern Lee HS (Jackie Knowles)
Southern Nash HS (Allison Phillips)
Southern Nash HS (Tori Whitley)
Southern Nash Middle (pending)
South Robeson HS (Laura Romberger)
Southern Wayne HS
Southside HS (Buffy Everette)
Southview HS (Erin Yoest)
Statesville HS (Graylyn Bauguess)
Topsail HS (Carlin Truell)
West Carteret HS (Preston Brown)
West Lee MS

School: Corinth-Holders HS
School Website: https://www.johnston.k12.nc.us/chhs?
Contact Person: Robert Daniels
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=324433?
Posted: 09.21.2017

School: Pasquotank HS
School Website: https://www.ecpps.k12.nc.us/
Contact Person: Bryan Ruffin
E-mail: bruffin@ecpps.k12.nc.us
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=240252
Posted: 09.19.2017


School: Granville Central HS
School Website: http://gchs.gcs.k12.nc.us/
Contact Person: Dr. Brian Mathis
E-mail: mathisb@gcs.k12.nc.us
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=420272
Posted: 09.06.2017


School: West Stanly HS
School Website: http://www.wshs.stanlycountyschools.org/?
Contact Person: Kim Page
E-mail: kim.page@stanlycountyschools.org?
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=319869?
Posted: 08.29.2017


School: James Kenan HS
School Website: https://www.duplinschools.net/jkhs
Contact Person: Michael Holton
E-mail: mholton@duplinschools.net
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=360340 . From Tiffany Cassell: The program has grown significantly in the last 6 years. Currently there is a 10 acre plot with a metal barn that will be wired and plumbed this fall as well as a brand new greenhouse installed. There is great community support and in my new position it is my hope that numbers will steadily increase and encourage more college ready students. 
Posted: 08.10.2017


School: Saint Pauls HS
School Website: https://www.robeson.k12.nc.us/sphs
Contact Person: Jason Suggs
E-mail: christopher.suggs@robeson.k12.nc.us
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=290509
Posted: 08.08.2017

School: Southeast Halifax HS
School Website: https://www.halifax.k12.nc.us/Domain/22?
Contact Person: Ann Debreaux-Davis
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=275096?
Posted: 08.07.2017

School: North Rowan Middle School
School Website: http://nrms.rss.k12.nc.us/?
Contact Person: Carl Snider
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=369564?
Posted: 08.03.2017

School: Camden Middle School
School Website: http://cms.ccsnc.org/?
Contact Person: Ernest Cooley
E-mail: ecooley@camden.k12.nc.us
Position Information: 
Posted: 08.03.2017

School: Topsail HS
School Website: https://sites.google.com/a/pender.k12.nc.us/ths/?
Contact Person: Donald Simmons
E-mail: donald_simmons@pender.k12.nc.us?
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=411016?
Posted: 08.03.2017

School Website: 
Contact Person: 
Position Information: 


School: Crest Middle School
School Website: https://sites.google.com/a/clevelandcountyschools.org/crestmiddle/
Contact Person: Jeremy Shields
E-mail: jshields@clevelandcountyschools.org
Position Information: We are in need of a CTE - Agriculture teacher at Crest Middle School in Shelby, North Carolina.  I would very much appreciate any assistance you could give us in advertising this position.
Posted: 07.12.2017

School: Southwest Edgecombe HS
School Website: http://swehs.ecps.us/ 
Contact Person: Craig Harris
Position Information: From Shelley Armour: Opening at SouthWest Edgecombe High School. Single teacher department, but a ton of resources so that you don't have to do it alone. 12-month position. The job has not posted yet so please contact me (sarmour@ecps.us). SWE has a strong agriculture program with a ton of community support. Facilities include classroom the size of a typical shop, 90' greenhouse, 21 raised beds (10x10), chicken coop with 47 pullets, a bunch of power tools and traditional tools. The program has seen 23% growth in the past 5 years. 100% FFA membership and the number of active FFA members continues to grow. Two track program- Animal Science/Horticulture Science. Classes offered next year (at last check) were Horticulture Science 1, Horticulture Science 2- Landscaping, Animal Science 1, Animal Science 2- Small Animals. At this time Veterinary Assisting is scheduled to be added 2018-2019.  
Posted: 07.12.2017

School: Murphy High School  (Cherokee County)
School Website: http://cherokeeschools.wixsite.com/mhs1?
Contact Person: Pam Pressley, CTE Director
E-mail: pamela.pressley@cherokee.k12.nc.us
Position Information: Cherokee County Schools has a high school 9-12 agriculture teaching position available at Murphy High School.  For more information regarding these positions contact Ms. Kim Gibson at (828)-837-2722 ext 2420. Submit applications to 911 Andrews Rd., Murphy, NC  28906.  Applications may be picked up at the same address or from our website at www.cherokee.k12.nc.us.  Position will be advertised until filled. Cherokee County Schools is an equal opportunity employer.


School: West Davidson High School
School Website: http://wdhs.davidson.k12.nc.us/ 
Contact Person: Audrey Wagner
E-mail: awagner@davidson.k12.nc.us
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=262094 
Posted: 06.27.2017

School: Central Middle School
School Website: http://cms.whiteville.k12.nc.us/ 
Contact Person: Ashley Fowler
E-mail: afowler@whiteville.k12.nc.us
Position Information:  Fairly new program with an extremely supportive school system. There is a good sized classroom plus potential lab room as well as a new greenhouse (Maybe 15x30' I can get specific measurements). I believe the schedule is divided into two semesters of 6 "courselets" (50 mins each roughly). Teacher will choose topic areas to focus on from the exploring Ag and exploring biotech curriculums. There is also a very active federation and there is a junior FFA program (PALS program) at the elementary school with 150+ members. Interviews are currently scheduled for July 10 so they are wanting to fill the spot soon. 
Posted: 06.27.2017

School: Perquimans County HS
School Website: http://pchs.pqschools.org/ 
Contact Person: Wayne Price
E-mail: wayneprice@pqschools.org
Position Information: http://bit.ly/1k5djwW
Posted: 07.20.2017

School: South Providence HS
School Website: https://www.ucps.k12.nc.us/southprovidence 
Contact Person: Brian Davis
E-mail: 704.296.6368
Position Information: https://www.applitrack.com/ucps/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Career%2fTechnical+Educ(6-12)(Licensed+Positions)
Posted: 07.20.2017

School: North Brunswick HS
School Website: https://www.bcswan.net/Domain/16 
Contact Person: Paul Price
Position Information: 10-month position. https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=281193 
Posted: 07.18.2017


School: Meadow School
School Website: 
Contact Person: 
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=325378 
Posted: 06.10.2017

School: Warren County High School
School Website: http://www.warrenk12nc.org/schools.php?id=7 
Contact Person: Darrell Richardson, Principal
E-mail: drichardson@warrenk12nc.org
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=191432.  Agriculture Teacher - This position is 10 months and 50 % Warren County High and 50% Warren County Middle.
Posted: 06.06.2017?


School: Lawrence Academy
School Website: http://www.lawrenceacademy.org/
Contact Person: Jason K. Wynne, Head of School
E-mail: jwynne@lawrenceacademy.org
Position Information: This is an independent school which gives the capability of doing several practical and traditional things that public schools no longer incorporate. Starting with Agriscience, Horticulture, 7/8 Agri & Life Sciences, Agri-Business Mgmt and assisting with the coordination for internships and SAE projects, the teacher will have full administration support. There was a successful program at the school 10-12 years ago and they are wanting to start back from the ground up! They have a lot of support from parents, area farmers, and businesses. 
Posted: June 2, 2017

School: East Union Middle School
School Website: https://www.ucps.k12.nc.us/Domain/14?
Contact Person: Brian Davis
E-mail: BRIAN.DAVIS@ucps.k12.nc.u
Position Information: https://www.applitrack.com/ucps/onlineapp/?
Posted: May 26, 2017



School: Ronald Reagan High School
School Website: http://www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/Domain/1153?
Contact Person: Brad Royal
E-mail: BROYAL@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=355230?
Posted: 05.15.17

School: Wautaga County Schools - Middle Grades Agriculture
School Website:
Contact Person:
Position Information: https://nc.teachermatch.org/applyteacherjob.do?jobId=402956
Posted: April 12, 2017