Emeritus and Retired Faculty


Our Department is pleased to recognize our retired faculty members. At times they are called upon for advice, might occasionally teach a class and may choose to work with students on special projects. We are proud of our past faculty and want to recognize them for their contributions to our department and the profession and wish them well in their retirement.  




George (Bo) Bostick

Message design, photography, and technology expert. Taught courses in instructional design and agricultural communications. 

Barry Croom

Involved in agricultural teacher education. Retired and moved to Oregon State University as a Department Head, and is currently at the University of Georgia-Tifton Campus directling their agricultural education program.

David Jenkins

Worked with strategic planning, Continuous Quality Improvement and Agricultural Communications.
Richard Liles

Headed up the PODS (Personnel and Organizational Development) unit within the Extension Service. Recognized expert in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Image of Gary Moore

Gary Moore

Retired after spending his career in higher education. Dr. Moore now spends his time traveling the country as a professional speaker. To learn more or contact him go to http://thekeynotepresenter.com/

David Mustian

Taught courses dealing with evaluation and headed up evaluation efforts for the Cooperative Extension Service.
John Richardson

Taught courses dealing with International Development. Served as President of the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education. Worked on accountability efforts in Cooperative Extension. 
Ron Shearon

First head of the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education. Taught courses related to extension education. 
Pat Sobrero Pat Sobrero

Pat worked with New and Aspiring County Extension Directors Program with Cooperative Extension. 
Bernadette Watts

Worked with new extension agents and professional development activities for the Cooperative Extension Service.