Jackie Bruce

Jackie BruceDr. Jackie Bruce, Associate Professor

Undergraduate Coordinator- Agricultural Science Degree and
Leadership in Ag & Life Sciences Minor  




Office address:
Box 7607 NCSU
Room 213 Ricks Hall
1 Lampe Drive
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695 - 7607

Office phone (919) 515-8801
Fax (919) 513-1965
E-Mail: jackie_bruce@ncsu.edu


Texas A&M University: Ph.D. in Agricultural Education, Leadership Education Emphasis
Colorado State University: M. Ag. in Extension Education 
Colorado State University : B. S. in Political Science 

Biographic Information

Jackie Bruce is a leadership educator and faculty member in the Department of Agricultural & Human Sciences. At NC State, Jackie teaches courses in leadership development, advises undergraduate and graduate students and tries to find good parking every day. She serves as the Co-Coordinator of the Leadership & Social Justice Program in Agricultural Sciences, is an Equal Opportunity Institute Graduate Scholar, an LGBT Center Advocate, and is a member of the College of Ag & Life Sciences Diversity Council. She enjoys great discussions on how educational environments can become more inclusive for our increasingly diverse student population. Jackie is the current editor for the Journal of Leadership Education and is honored to work with a vibrant community of leadership scholars and practitioners. When not in Ricks 213, Jackie is wife to Danny, mom to Ainslee Mae, and kibble provider to Woody the family’s Jack Russell terrier.  

Professional Honors/Recognitions

Distinguished Teaching Award, Association of Leadership Educators
Distinguished Leadership & Service Award, Association of Leadership Educators
Outstanding Graduate Instructor, NCSU CALS
NACTA Educator Award. North American Colleges & Teachers of Agriculture

Professional Offices Held

Editor, Journal of Leadership Education
President, Association of Leadership Educators

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

AEE 323- Leadership Development in Ag & Life Sciences

AEE 360- Groups & Teams Leadership in Ag & Life Sciences

AEE 434 – Collaborative Leadership in Agriculture and Extension Education

AEE 460 – Organizational Leadership in Ag & Life Sciences

AEE 560 – Organizational Leadership in Ag & Life Sciences

AEE 777 – Qualitative Research Methods

Primary Research Interests

Intersectionality of Leadership & Social Justice
Developing Inclusive Educational Environments


Recent Publications/Presentations

Selected Refereed Journal Articles

  • Diaz, J., Bardon, R., Hazel, D., Bruce, J., & Jayaratne, K.S.U. (2017-In Press). Lessons Learned for Military-Based Partnerships for Landscape-Scale Conservation: A Case Study of the North Carolina Sentinel Landscapes Partnership. Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship.
  • Diaz, J.,  Jayaratne, K., and Bruce, J. (2017-in press). Role of Extension in Building Sustainable Partnerships with Multiple Stakeholders for Land Conservation. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension.
  • Diaz, J., Evans, J., Jayaratne, K., and Bruce, J. (2017). A Framework for the Evaluation of Large-Scale Regional Conservation and Management Strategies. Journal of Extension. 55(3). Available at: https://www.joe.org/joe/2017june/iw3.php
  • Sommerfeld, K, Bruce, J., Jayaratne, K.S.U. Chapman, B, Gunter, C (2016).  North Carolina Chefs who Cultivate Restaurant Gardens: A Population with a Hunger for Extension Information. Journal of Extension. 54(6). Available at: https://joe.org/joe/2016december/pdf/JOE_v54_6tt7.pdf
  • Shaeffer, A.D., Kistler, M.J, Poore, M, Bruce, J., and Jayaratne, K.S.U., (2016).  North Carolina Women Cattle Producers’ Educational Needs and Sources of Information. Journal of Animal Science 94(supplement):12.
  • Ingerson, K. & Bruce, J. (2016). GLEE-dership. Journal of Leadership Education. 15(1)
  • Moore, L. & Bruce, J. (2015). Teaching Leadership in the Experience Economy Paradigm. Journal of Leadership Education. 14(4).
  • Ingerson, K. & Bruce, J. (2015). A Case Study of Leadership Pedagogy in an Organizational Behavior Class. Journal of Leadership Education. 14(3). 1-16
  • Tutor-Marcom, R., Bruce, J., Greer, A. (2014). North Carolina Farm Women: Opportunities for Support & Farm-related Education. Journal of Agromedicine. 19(2). 191-200.
  • Velez, J., Moore, L., Bruce, J. & Stephens, C. (2014). Agricultural Leadership Education: Past History, Present Reality, and Future Directions. Journal of Leadership Studies. 7(4). 65-70.