Committee & Plan of Study

Establishing a Graduate Committee 

By the time you reach 12 hours of graduate credit, you are to establish a graduate committee. This committee will be responsible for conducting your exit exam, reviewing your professional portfolio and guiding you through your graduate program. The Master's graduate committee is to be composed of three (3) faculty members; doctoral committees have four (4). At least two of the Master's committee and three of the doctoral committee members must be from the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education. The other committee member can be from the Department or can be from a minor area of study.

You have full freedom to select the faculty whom you want to serve on your committee. When you are ready to establish your committee, you will simply ask the faculty members whom you want on your committee if they are willing to serve on your committee. First, you should identify one of the committee members to serve as your graduate chair. Discuss your committee plans with this individual after he or she agrees to serve as your chair. You should select faculty who have the experiences and expertise that match up with your career aspirations and goals. The person you select to chair the committee will be responsible for filing the appropriate paperwork at various times during your graduate program. After your committee is established, the committee chair must record that information with the Graduate School.

Establishing a Plan of Study

Immediately after the Graduate Committee is established, the Graduate School requires that you have a written plan of study.
The plan of study is a listing of the courses you plan to complete in your degree program. Your committee chair will help you develop this plan and then your graduate committee has to approve the plan. This document then serves as the "roadmap" to your graduate program. However, it is permissible to make changes as your graduate career progresses.