Exit Exam & Graduation

The Exit Exam - If you are a Master's student, you will have an exit exam after you complete the courses in your plan of study. This will occur in your final semester of graduate study. You are responsible for letting your adviser know when you plan to graduate. A typical adviser could have 20 or more graduate advisees and it is hard to keep tabs on all of them. Your adviser must file paperwork with the Graduate School to schedule the exam. One of your responsibilities is to contact all your committee members to set up a date for the exam.  The exam must be completed at least one month before the semester is over.

The exam has two parts. The first part of the exam will consist of general questions over your course work. The questions will focus on your conceptual understanding of the materials taught and the application of those materials. This part of the exam typically will be an hour or so. During the second part of the exam, you will present a professional portfolio to the committee. This portfolio will contain examples of your work showing that you have applied the knowledge that you have been taught. Detailed information about the portfolio requirements can be found in the online student handbook.

At the end of the exam, the student has to complete a diploma request form. This form is used to print the name on the diploma and for listing your name in the graduation program.

Doctoral students have a comprehensive general exam at the completion of the major courses. This exam is a 16 hour written exam followed by a two-hour oral exam. The graduate adviser is responsible for advising students on how to prepare for the exam. After successful completion of the exam, the doctoral student then conducts a major research study and prepares a dissertation (which is a report of the research) and then experiences a final exam (dissertation defense) that focuses on the research project.

Graduation - The University has one graduation ceremony in May for spring graduates and one in December for summer and fall graduates. At these times, there is a university wide graduation ceremony for all students. The Department then holds a smaller graduation program later in the day where students actually receive their diplomas. You will receive correspondence from the university regarding these ceremonies.

After graduation, if you are applying for a North Carolina "M" teaching license, see your faculty adviser for instructions on completing the process.