Register for Classes

Permission to Register

The Department of Registration and Records must have authorization from the Dean of the Graduate School before a graduate student in an classification will be permitted to register for classes. This authorization will be sent to the Department of Registration and Records at the time the student is notified of acceptance for graduate study. The Department on Registration and Records provides grade records to students at the end of each scheduled school term. 

All registration for classes is done electronically. When you are ready to register, go online to the Department of Records and Registration ( Click on the My Pack Portal link on the top right of the page. You will have to provide your Unity ID, and password to log in. The process for registering is straightforward. You should realize that there is a deadline for registering for classes. This is typically several months before the next semester. For example, registration for spring semester occurs in mid-October.

Registration for summer school and the fall semester occurs in mid-March. If you wait and register only a few weeks before classes start, you may have to pay a stiff "late registration" fee. The registration calendar dates are located on the NCSU website.

Taking the class - Typically the instructor will contact you, usually by email, before the class starts with instructions on how to access the class materials.

Most of our courses have a specific lesson each week. In a typical graduate class you are expected to spend 3 hours studying and doing assignments for each hour you are registered. So for example if you were signed up for a 3 hour class on campus, you would be expected to spend 3 hours in class and 9 hours outside of class studying and completing assignments.