Other Resources

Below is a list of other resources that may be helpful in teaching SAE. 

SAE Ideas 

Ideas for student SAEs from National FFA (PDF)
Promoting SAEs to students (PDF)
Public Relations of SAE activities (PDF)
Ideas for recognizing students (PDF)

SAE Fact Sheets 

History of SAE (PDF)
Benefits of SAEs (PDF)
SAE Assessment (PDF)
How SAE Supports Academic Standards (PDF)
Financing an SAE (PDF)
Placement SAE (PDF)
Research SAE (PDF)
Entrepreneurship SAE (PDF)
Exploratory SAE (PDF)
Ag Service-Learning SAE (PDF)
Other SAEs (PDF)
The Correlation Between SAE and FFA (PDF)
Legal and Safety Awareness (PDF)
SAE for Special Needs Students (PDF)
SAE Supervision/Visitation (PDF)

Record Keeping System Samples 

Introduction to Samples (PDF)

  • Utah State Sample (XLS)
  • NC State Sample (XLS)

Central Cabarrus High School Samples

  • SAE Career Development Event (PDF)
  • SAE Entrepreneurship (PDF)
  • SAE Experimental (PDF)
  • SAE Exploratory (PDF)
  • SAE Home Improvement (PDF)
  • SAE Placement (PDF)

Randolph High School Sample

  • SAE Sample Form (PDF)
Involving Partners & Volunteers 
  • Best Practices for Including and Utilizing Partners and Volunteers (PDF
Sample News Releases & Articles about SAE
  • Tips on writing news releases (PDF)
  • Tips on writing news and feature articles (PDF)
  • Sample news article (PDF)
  • Sample news release (PDF)