SAE Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Teaching SAE lessons in the classroom is a critical step to ensure awareness and initial planning of SAE programs by all students. This is especially true as ag ed programs serve more students who aren’t on a traditional, multiple-year career tract in agricultural education.

The following eight lessons and corresponding PowerPoint presentations are developed to engage student interest and involvement in SAEs. These lessons are written with a broad definition of SAE in mind. Review and modify as needed to suit the philosophy of SAE in your program.

Also included are lessons from FFA’s LifeKnowledge® initiative and links to SAE lessons on the Internet at the time of the handbook’s release. The entire field of agricultural education is enriched when multiple, high-quality resources are available to its teachers.

Lesson Plan 1 
What is a Supervised Agriculture Experience & what are the benefits? PDFPPT

Lesson Plan 2
What are the different types of Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE)? PDF, PPT

Lesson Plan 3
Where can SAE take me? PDF, PPT

Lesson Plan 4
How do you identify a possible career? PDF

Lesson Plan 5
How do you select the right SAE? PDF, PPT

Lesson Plan 6
How do you plan and initiate an SAE? PDF

Lesson Plan 7
Why do we keep records? PDF, PPT

Lesson Plan 8
How will my SAE be evaluated? PDF, PPT


Life Knowledge Lesson Plans 

Advance High School 

  • Lesson AHS.50
    Developing Innovative SAEs (PDF)
  • Lesson AHS.51
    Conducting a Workshop to Help Others Start SAEs (PDF)
  • Lesson AHS.52
    Teaching Others About Your SAE (PDF)
  • Lesson AHS.53
    SAE Programs and FFA's Proficiency Awards (PDF)
High School 
  • Lesson HS.126
    Taking My Trip (PDF)
  • Lesson HS.127
    Choosing My Vehicle (PDF)
  • Lesson HS.128
    Managing Your Journey (PDF)
  • Lesson HS.129
    Adjusting Your Journey (PDF)
  • Lesson HS.130
    Enjoying the Ride - Keeping Fuel In the Tank (PDF)
Middle School
  • Lesson MS.68
    Understanding SAEs (PDF)
  • Lesson MS.69
    Record Keeping (PDF)
  • Lesson MS.70
    Proficiency Awards and SAE (PDF)

In this age of educational accountability, documenting SAE programs and helping students learn to keep accurate records is increasingly important.

Lesson Plan 1
What is a Budget and How Do We Prepare One? (PDF, PPT)

Lesson Plan 2
What is a Calendar and How Do We Prepare One? (PDF, PPT)

Lesson Plan 3
What is a Journal and How Do We Prepare One? (PDF, PPT)

Lesson Plan 4
What is a Business Agreement and How Do We Prepare One? (PDF, PPT)

Lesson Plan 5 
What is an Inventory? (PDF, PPT)

Lesson Plan 6 
What is a Financial Statement? (PDF, PPT)

Lesson Plan 7 
How Do You Analyze and Summarize Your Records? (PDF, PPT)