SAE Visits & Assessments
Supervision and Visitation

The term “Supervised Agricultural Experience” strongly implies this activity is to be supervised. The supervision normally (but not always) is done by the agriculture teacher. 

A Guide to Making the SAE Supervision Visit (PDF


  • Sample #1: SAE Visitation Form (PDF)
  • Sample #2: Summer SAE Plan (PDF)
  • Sample #3: Placement SAE Weekly Report (PDF)
  • Sample #4: SAE Project Grade Sheet (PDF)
  • Sample #5: SAE Agreement (PDF)
  • Sample #6: Agriscience Fair (PDF)
  • Sample #7: SAE Record Book Scorecard (PDF)
  • Sample #8: Exploratory SAE Planning Sheet (PDF)
  • Sample #9: A Guide to Making the SAE Supervision Visit (PDF)
  • Sample #10: SAE Visit Log (PDF)
  • Sample #11: Visitation Evaluation for SAE (PDF)
  • Sample #12: Supervision Record (PDF)
Assessment Tools 

Combining SAE programs in the academic assessment of students’ success in the agriculture classroom can be a challenge, and with today’s emphasis on standards and testing quality, assessment tools are necessary. Use these tools for your program, or as starting blocks to build your own. Also included is a summary of research between SAE programs and student success to use as a reference when discussing the issue with parents and administrators.

Sample Assessments 
  • SAE project grade sheet (PDF)
  • SAE record book scorecard (PDF)
  • SAE On-site instruction and evaluation form (PDF
Grading Policy Samples 
  • Sample #1 (PDF)
  • Sample #2 (PDF)
  • Sample #3 (PDF)
  • Sample #4 (PDF)
  • Sample #5 (PDF)