Useful Forms

Commonly Used AEE, College and University Forms

Undergraduate Forms Link Notes
To get on the AEE list-serve Follow the directions on this form to get on the AEE list-serve
To apply for a minor  
Math Credit Form Form.pdf If you take Math 121, complete this form to also get credit for MA 107
AEE 492 Agreement 492 Form.doc  
AEE 493 Agreement 493 Form.doc  
Teacher Licensure Checklist Licensure Checklist spring2015 and after.doc All teacher education students need to have a signed copy of this form in your file by your sophomore year. 
Application for a NC Teaching License Forms forms.pdf

More information about how to apply can be found at
Use these forms to apply for an initial teaching licenses or an updated license. Olivia Fitzgerald ( is the person to contact with specific questions.
Graduate Forms    
Register for an AG*IDEA Course Registration Form.pdf  
Student Information Release for AG*IDEA Acknowledgment Form.pdf This form has to accompany the AG*IDEA course registration form
Special Problems, Supervised Teaching or Research Project (AEE 620, 685, 693, 820, 885 or 893) Form electronic version.dotx  
AEE 641 Practicum Portfolio Requirements 641 Portfolio.docx Students in AEE 641 are to compile an electronic teaching portfolio. This document contains instructions and guidelines to follow.