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Event Title: Agricultural Institute Spend-A-Day-At-State
Description: Visit the Agricultural Institute (AGI), the 2-year program, in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), to see what we are all about! The individualized visit includes meeting our Director, Dr. Beth Wilson; attending a class; lunch with a student and meeting with an adviser in your specific area of interest. AGI offers six different majors students can choose from: Agribusiness Management, General Agriculture, Livestock and Poultry Management, Horticultural Science Management (also includes Small Scale Farming), Turfgrass Management and Field Crop Technology. You will learn more about our program and find out why the Agricultural Institute wants YOU for TWO!
Date: 01/27/16 (09:00 AM - 02:00 PM) (100 Patterson Hall)
02/11/16 (10:15 AM - 03:15 PM) (100 Patterson Hall)
03/01/16 (10:15 AM - 03:15 PM) (100 Patterson Hall)
03/22/16 (10:15 AM - 03:15 PM) (100 Patterson Hall)
04/07/16 (10:15 AM - 03:15 PM) (100 Patterson Hall)
Location: Various
Registration Ends: 04/10/2016

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Registration for this event is closed. If you have questions, then please contact the event owner, Kayla Bettinger.

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