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Event Title: BIO 183 Lab Report Writing Workshop
Description: This Lab Report Writing workshop is targeted towards current BIO 183 students who did not take BIO 181 or took BIO 181 during the summer session.  Being able to write a good lab report is critical to student success in the BIO 183 course.  This workshop will present the basic structure of the biology lab report, examine proper scientific writing techniques and give guidance for properly citing references.  There will be some lecturing, though a majority of the workshop will be hands on and involve working in groups.
Date: 02/13/2012 (07:30 PM - 09:30 PM)
Location: 101 David Clark Labs (large lecture room)
Registration Ends: 02/13/2012

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Registration for this event is closed. If you have questions, then please contact the event owner, Patricia Aune.

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