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Description: We are offering a Spring Phlebotomy Class

The class will be held the weekend of March 23rd & 24th and will run from ~8-4 with a lunch break both days

NOTE - students who participate will work to obtain their 100 required "sticks" to complete your national certification on their own through their own contacts - you will receive a certificate of training completion for the course.

To Register go to the CALS Online Registration tool at -

The event URL is:

(there are only 10 slots available): You will be asked for

Email Address
Cell Phone Number
Academic standing (fresh, soph)
Major Career goal

Once you receive a spot - Then you may pay online for the course through our CNA/Phlebotomy instructor site

You can pay online on the website with a credit card, paypal or debit card.

It will be the link under "web store" when I ask her to activate it.

The total is $250.00. You will be "private class at NCSU" on the web store.

You MUST pay to hold your spot or we will move to the alternate list.

This class will include your textbook, CD-rom, supplies, handouts, training and certificate of attendance. Your book will be mailed to you before the class via USPS priority mail with a tracking number, so you can start to read it before the class.

This is an accelerated class, so the textbook will not be read to you. The phlebotomy certification exam is not included in the class fee and will be completed on a different day after your live sticks are completed.

You will schedule this yourself and more information will be given in the class on this procedure. The exam is $83.00 through AMT... American Medical Technology.

You will be a RPT when you pass the test...registered phlebotomy technician

We are very excited that we are able to offer this class for you along with the CNA, MA and BLS classes we have already offered and will continue to provide in the Charlotte Area

Thank you Dr. Flick
Date: 03/23/2012 (08:00 AM - 05:00 PM)
Location: Carmichael Gym - EMT Classroom
Registration Ends: 02/03/2013

Registration Closed

Registration for this event is closed. If you have questions, then please contact the event owner, Anita Flick.

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