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Iglesias, Carlos (Carlos)

Director Plant Breeding Consortium Horticultural Science
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Born in a small rural community in SW Uruguay.

Studies:  University of Uruguay: BSc in Agronomy.  Iowa State University: MSc and PhD in Plant Breeding.  Purdue University: MSc in Ag Econ.  Indiana University: MBA in Food and Agribusinesses

Work experience: Global cassava breeding program lead at CIAT, Colombia.  Head of Research and Seed Production at Weaver Popcorn, Indiana.  Head R&D Corn Latin America; Head R&D Wheat North America; and Director of the Cereals Business Unit at Syngenta, Brazil, Kansas, Minneapolis, North Carolina.


Plant Breeding | Agribusiness | Food Science | Crop Production
Country(s) of experience:
Argentina | Brazil | Canada | China-Peoples Rep | Colombia | Cuba | Ghana | Nigeria | Paraguay | Thailand | Uganda
Type(s) of International Experience:
Researcher in an international project | International consultant
Research Focus:
Enable the establishment and development of agri-businesses through improved genetics for adaptation and final product quality. Focus: plan-based protein crops.
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