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African Plant Breeding Academy Training/Workshop

Wehner, Todd C.

Todd Wehner traveled to Tanzania in December to teach at the African Plant Breeding Academy for session 1 of class 2 (class 1 met 2013 to 2014). PBA is a 3-session program over an 18 month period that is supported by UC Davis, the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, and the African Orphan Crops Consortium. The 29 students receive scholarships from Mars-M&M. Local administration is by the International Center for Research on Agro-Forestry (CGIAR). Students are working plant breeders with education at the MS or PhD, and come from 16 different countries in Africa. The lectures and laboratories were held in Dar Es Salaam, with a field trip to a spice research station in Zanzibar. Dr. Wehner worked with 3 other lecturers, 2 staff from ICRAF, and the UC Davis program coordinator (and 2 police escorts).
Region(s)/Country(s): Kenya | Tanzania
01/01/2013 - 12/31/2016

Institutional Partner(s):
University of California, Davis (UC Davis), USA

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