Accounting Responsibilities

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Accounting Services Manager
Sheree Avent

VACANT, Accounting Services Supervisor

  •  General Transaction Accounting Coordinator

Vendor Invoices
Employee Reimbursements
Journal Voucher Entries
Purchase Requisitions


Michelle Butts, Accounting Services Supervisor

  •  College PCard/Wex Coordinator


The CALS Business Operations Accounting Service Team processes financial transactions for all projects/accounts/funds for the College.

These include:

  • Academic: 4 Year, 2 Year, DE, Summer School, ETF (20xxxx and 30xxxxx)
  • Research: State, Hatch, Regional and Receipts (400001 through 439999)
  • Extension: State, Smith-Lever, EFNEP, Receipts and other Special Federal Appropriations (440020 - 499999)
  • Sales and Service: (37xxxx)
  • Contracts and Grants (5xxxxx)
  • Foundation - Enhancement: (6xxxxx) (except Golden Leaf)
  • Gifts: (7xxxxx)
  • University Trusts: (9xxxxx)
  • There are a few other special project/account types not listed here

Documents requiring processing must be submitted through ServiceNow