Documents & Forms


   Abbreviations and Definitions
   CALS Business Operations Standard Operating Procedures
   CALS State Fiscal Year 2019 Close Out Schedule
   Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) Program Quick Reference Guide
 Accounting Services
   2018 PCard Billing Cycle Calendar
   Alcohol Permission Form
   AP 106 Sponsored Conference Authorization
   AP 107 Non-Travel Meals Authorization Expense
   BA-151 - Notification of Gift Form
   CALS Purchase Card (PCard) Manual
   CBO Billing/ Interdepartmental Sales Request (IDS/IDB) 
   CBO Document Transmittal 
   CBO Gift Deposit Form
   Foreign Wire Transfer Form
   Foundation Transmittal for Refund of Expenditures
   Gift-in-Kind Forms - Please contact Tom Mease or Kathy Kennel
   JV/IDJ Request Form
   Missing Receipt Form
   Mobile Communication Device Allowance Request Form
   Mobile Communication Device Allowance Template
   Motor Fleet Management Guidelines
   Motor Fleet Management Mileage Log
   Motor Fleet Management Rental Invoice
   Motor Fleet Management State Vehicle Expense Summary Report
   Motor Fleet Management Travel Log
   New Wolf Copier Document Submission Instructions
   Payment Request Memo - Award
   Payment Request Memo - Motor Vehicle Tax & Tag
   Payment Request Memo - Stipend / REU / REU+ / REG
   Payment Request Memo - Visa Sponsorship Form and Checklist
   PCard Dispute Form
   Personal Reimbursement Form - for Non Travel Reimbursements (Word)
   Personal Reimbursement Form - for Non Travel Reimbursements
   Purchasing a Vehicle Instructions
   Purchasing Contract Review Form
   Submitting Documents to CBO Checklist
   Submitting Documents to CBO Electronically Instructions
   Supplier (Vendor) Fax Cover Page
   Travel Conference Requirements: Hosting/Attending a Conference
   Vendor ACH Enrollment Form (EFT) - Contact Terressa R. Yeakle Best   at for  copy of form
   Vendor Notification Letter - University Sales and Use Tax Exemption
   W-8BEN Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for U.S. Tax Withholding  and  Reporting (Individuals)
   W-8BEN-E (Entities)
 W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number & Certification - New Vendor 
 Contracts & Grants
       Pre-Award  BA-148 Form (CALS version) - Pre-Award or Segment Request Form
   CALS Budget Spreadsheet
 **Commodity Proposal & Budget Form**
   Commodity Proposal Instructions
   **Commodity Progress Report & Impact Statement Form**
   Commodity Progress Report Instructions
       Post-Award  CALS Dean’s Enrichment Grant Interim Report Instructions 2013-2014 Cycle
   CALS Dean’s Enrichment Grants Program – Progress Report Form
   CALS TEARS PI Instructions and Reference Guide
   New Award Checklist
   Petition to Delay Close-out (CALS)
   Pre-Award/Segment Request Form
   PI Portal Quick Reference Guide - How to Access
       Redistribution Justification Form (PDF)
 Redistribution Justification Form (Word)
   Uniform Guidance Summary
   Active Phase List
   Allowable Expenditure Chart
   Basic Spending Guidelines by Fund Source
   Benefits Budget Calculation Template
   Budget Load Timeline
   CALS 2018 Close Out Schedule
   CALS Budget Principles
   CALS - Dean Approval Additional Compensation Form
   Cost Principles Power Point Training
   Faculty Hire Start-up Template
   Federal Funds - Allowable & Unallowable Costs
   Financial Coding Structure Guide
   Holiday Pay for Exempt SHRA Employees - Instructions 
   Holiday Pay for Exempt SHRA Employees - Timesheet
   Pre-collected Receipts Carry Forward Request FY 2018
   Payroll Schedule 2017-2018 (Bi-Weekly)
   Payroll Schedule 2017-2018 (Monthly)
   Payroll Schedule 2018-2019 (Bi-Weekly)
   Payroll Schedule 2018-2019 (Monthly)
   Quick Reference Guide to entering an Appendix E in NIMSS
   Quick Reference Guide to NIFA’s REEport Portal – Project Initiation for Hatch Multi-State
   Salary Distribution Change (SDC) Form
   Salary Distribution Change (SDC) Deadlines for ServiceNow (FY17-18)
   Salary Distribution Change (SDC) Deadlines for ServiceNow (FY18-19)
   Service Center Forms
   Service Center Rate Calculation Form
   Summer Salary Calculation Tool
   Testing Services Agreements (TSA) & Fabrication Services Agreements (FSA)
 Trust Fund Guidelines
   Unallowable Indirect Costs on Federal Funds 
   3rd Party/Non-Hotel Lodging Pre-Approval
   AP102/AP103 Employee Travel Advance & Reconciliation
   AP 104 Non-Employee Travel Authorization
 AP 104/AP105 Non-Employee Travel Advance and Reconciliation
   AP 106 Sponsored Conference Authorization
   Fly America Act Certification
   Fly America Act Guidelines
   Travel Center User Guide
   Travel Reimbursement Data Collection Worksheet for Non-Employees
   University Basic Spending Guidelines
 Facilities Operations Request forms
   Facility Liaison list
       Biweekly Employment  Certification of Temporary Employment Terms
   Employee Patent Agreement
   Managers Safety Orientation Checklist
   Non-UTS Vacancy Form
   Personal Information Form (Temporary/Part Time)
   Temporary Employee Hire Form
       Employee Resources  Conflict of Interests (COI) Form
   Direct Deposit Update/Change Form
   Drug Free Workplace Act
   Employee Rights and Responsibilities – Family and Medical Leave Act 2009
   Non-Salary Compensation Form
   Non-Salary Compensation Matrix
   Tax Forms
   Unlawful Harassment Policy Statement