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ServiceNow Document Submission Update (November 2015)
CALS Business Operations Customer Service Principles (October 2015)
CBO Update from Assistant Dean of Business Operations (July 2015)
CALS Business Operations wraps up fiscal year 2015 (July 2015)

ServiceNow Document Submission Update
Posted: November 10, 2015

In an effort to support the increased efficiency of the ServiceNow document intake online upload feature, CALS Business Operations would like to announce enhancements to the system. The new features will facilitate communicating the required information to process financial transactions in a comprehensive and expedited manner. University guidelines and policies require specific information in order to process certain transactions. In effort to comply with these guidelines in an efficient manner, the CBO has upgraded ServiceNow to allow you to provide the information upon submission to eliminate follow up requests and delayed processing. Please note that this only applies to the online document upload capability of ServiceNow.

The feature updates are:

  • Updated document type from voucher to voucher/invoice
  • Added “Travel” in the Type of Document dropdown list (along existing ones like voucher, etc.)
  • Added a “vendor name” field; the vendor name will automatically go into the short description field when incident is created to help with easier tracking
  • Added two new options:
    • Date Payment is Due to Vendor (optional field) to enter the date payment is due to the vendor - to prioritized payments due within 7 days
    • Utility bill choice – to prioritize utility bills (electric, water, gas, propane, landline phone service)
  • Added a “vendor name” field; make it so the vendor name field goes into the short description field when incident is created
  • Added a checkbox for “W9/ACH submitted by Fax?” Please do not submit W9/ACH forms electronically for personal information security purposes. Forms should be faxed to 919-515-3074.
  • Added a Date Item Received field (Required by user)
  • Added a dropdown that has two options in it, “Fully Received” or “Partially Received”

Additionally, you can now check the status of closed and active incidents when viewing from check status.

CALS Business Operations Customer Service Principles
Posted: October 6, 2015   

As a business services organization in an academic environment, our customers are faculty, principal investigators, students, deans & directors, department heads, departmental staff, central University offices, donors, and funding agencies to name a few. As such you are expected to build and maintain customer satisfaction to the highest standard. That will be accomplished by your:

  • focusing on the customer’s business results, rather than own;
  • approaching all situations with honesty and integrity;
  • exploring options when unable to deliver a requested service, and pursuing solutions until the customer is satisfied;
  • providing customers with status reports and progress updates;
  • presenting a cheerful, positive manner with customers;
  • quickly and effectively solving customer problems (our CALS goal is to acknowledge ALL questions within 24 hours with an estimated time frame for resolution and follow up if answer isn’t immediately available);
  • being accessible and providing prompt, attentive service; and developing and maintaining strong relationships with customers.


Building a cohesive trusting team is also a crucial element to successful service. You will be expected to promote cooperation and commitment within your work group to achieve goals and objectives by:

  • building constructive working relationships characterized by a high level of acceptance, cooperation, and mutual respect;
  • helping teammates who need or ask for support or assistance;
  • acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of teammates;
  • praising the team and its achievement to others;
  • adhering to and promoting accountability toward your team’s behaviors;
  • encouraging team unity through sharing information or expertise, working together to solve problems, and putting team success first.

Above all else, you are expected to approach any customer interaction with the following guiding principle in mind:

How can I be helpful?


Questions, comments and feedback about CALS Business Operations service can be provided anytime on the CBO Feedback page. 


CBO Update from Assistant Dean of Business Operations: July 2015
Posted: July 7, 2015

It is great to be a part of such an exciting time of forward thinking, planning and action. As you are aware CALS Business Operations (CBO) has reorganized and is presently implementing a number of process changes aimed at enhancing efficiency and providing the CALS community with exceptional service. We are excited to leverage the technology of the CBO Help Center to allow departments to submit documents for payment electronically. The following activities are initiatives that we will be focusing on over the course of the summer. 

  • Re-­emphasizing the role of the business liaison (BL): The BL is the departments' first point of contact to address issues or concerns. The BL assigned to your department can be reached via telephone at 919-515-4226, dropin office hours in your building, email at, or ServiceNow at
  • Implementing a document intake system to electronically submit documents to the CBO: All invoices, Journal Vouchers – JVs (including Interdepartmental Transactions –IDT or Interdepartmental Sales –IDS) requests, pcard receipts, small purchase invoices, and requisition requests from departments will be submitted electronically via Service Now.

This will enable departments to verify the CBO’s receiving these documents and the status until entry into the accounting system. It will also enable the CBO to manage workflow and to help mitigate the possibility of documents getting lost in dozens of possible inboxes.

The transition should not reflect a significant change to a department’s business process. Rather than scanning and emailing documents to his/her Accounting Services Technician, they will be scanned to a single ServiceNow Inbox. All departments with Wolf Copiers will be able to scan documents directly to the CBO using 1 of 3 buttons pre-loaded on the copy machine. Additionally, documents can be uploaded from your desktop to Service Now through the document intake field using the following link The CBO will also be equipped to scan physical documents on behalf of departments. However, this might add up to two additional weeks of processing time. Further, any concerns that may involve financial responsibility may only be resolved if documents are scanned from Wolf Copiers – this is the only way that the CBO can ensure receipt.

  • Using standard forms to request Journal Vouchers (including Interdepartmental Transactions –IDT or Interdepartmental Sales –IDS), Personal Reimbursements, and non­employee travel reimbursement requests:  The CBO is standardizing how requests are submitted to the business center to ensure accountability, uniformity, and the ability to process upon initial submission. Updated forms may be found at:

CALS Business Operations is committed to providing excellent service to the CALS community in support of the teaching, research and extension work that is happening every day. As we improve our services we will need each of you to assist in the transformational changes we are implementing. Below are document intake scanning/uploading instructions that we are planning to share with departments as your schedules permit.

Instructions for Submitting Documents to CBO Electronically 


CALS Business Operations wraps up fiscal year 2015; continues transformation into new business model

Posted: July 1, 2015

As the CALS Business Operations (CBO) staff worked diligently to wrap up the 2015 fiscal year, which came to a close on July 1, the team continues its transformation into a new model of business for the college.

“While the majority of the new business center was operating by late 2014, many notable changes have taken place in recent months,” said Robert Watling, Assistant Dean of Business Operations.

The Business Liaison Team was formed and began addressing departmental concerns in February. In addition, the team members have been spending “in-service” time at department offices. The Business Liaisons are the first contacts for CALS faculty and staff seeking assistance from the business center. “It is our goal to ensure that customers have clearly defined lines of communication and points of contact with the business center,” Watling said. “To date the Business Liaisons have spent approximately 200 hours in department offices over the past five months.”

Service Now was also implemented in February as a dedicated issue resolution tracking system. Approximately 610 issues have been resolved over the course of four and a half months, or about 157 per month. The average time to resolve an issue has been 4 days 22 hours.

Additionally, Service Now began accepting all documents for payment electronically in June. More than 900 documents have been accepted through the phased implementation. The average time to enter the documents into the financial system has been 2 days 12 hours. “We are expanding this capability to all departments beginning July 1,” Watling said. “Accounting Services Team Manager, Sheree Avent, has begun to meet with departments to discuss this convenient submission option.”

Website development and training documentation have provided the CALS community with better access to information. Updates will continue to be made to the new CBO website, and additional training modules will be made available in the coming months. “As we continue to implement organization and training strategies, the efficiency and workflow of the business center will further advance,” Watling said. “I would like to applaud everyone for their hard work as we wrap up the 2015 fiscal year.”  

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