Employee Resources

Employee Evaluations

Annual Review of Faculty

Individual reviews of all faculty--tenured, tenure-track, non-tenure track--are to be conducted annually. It is the responsibility of each department head or designee to review the performance of each faculty member and to keep the appropriate dean apprised of the status of the reviews. See Regulation 05.20.03.

Annual Review of SPA

It is the responsibility of all supervisors, managers, department heads, directors, deans, and vice chancellors to assure that the policies and procedures of the SPA Employee Performance Appraisal Program are administered equitably and consistently. The process is administered using the NC State SPA Work Plan and Performance Appraisal Form. There is a link to this form on the site given below. It is the supervisor's duty to implement each stage of the SPA performance appraisal process and communicate it to employees so that they understand job expectations and the importance of his/her role in the department. See Regulation 05.50.04

Leave System

All employees are required to enter their leave time in an online system. Supervisors approve leave in this system. This includes, annual leave, sick leave, bonus leave and compensatory time. For more information or to login to the leave system visit: http://www.ncsu.edu/human_resources/benefits/leave/webleave.php 

Non-Salary Compensation (NSC)

Non-salary compensation is anything of monetary value provided to an employee -- other than their base salary; salary supplements or overload pay (such as for additional temporary, acting/interim, or administrative responsibilities); or an “honor” salary supplement (such as for a named or endowed professorship). 

Non-salary compensation – both cash and non-cash – to an employee includes, but isn’t limited to, items like cash awards, gift certificates, tickets to athletic or cultural events, payments for moving expenses, provision of a vehicle or vehicle allowance, club memberships, or other special benefits.   

Additional information on Non-salary compensation

Non-Salary Compensation Form (PDF)

Matrix for Non-Salary Compensation (PDF)  

Faculty Personnel File

A personnel file is any employment-related or personal information gathered by an employer. Employment-related information contained in a personnel file includes information related to an individual’s application, selection, promotion, demotion, transfer, leave, salary, contract for employment, benefits, suspension, performance evaluation, disciplinary actions, and termination of employment. Find information about faculty personnel files, security, and access at: http://www.provost.ncsu.edu/admin-resources/PersonnelItems_2.php  

Conflict of Interest & Notice of Intent to Consult

NCSU has an online system for Conflict of Interest (COI) and Notice of Intent to Consult (NOI). Conflict of Interest is an annual process that starts in mid-August. To fill out a COI form or an NOI form visit: http://www.ncsu.edu/sparcs/coi/index.php  

Temporary Biweekly Employment 

Biweekly Employment Documents & Forms

Each department has a CALS Business Operations staff member contact for hiring temporary biweekly employees.  The contact can answer any questions you may have and will be the person all forms are to be sent to in order to hire a temporary biweekly employee. You can find your contact and additional information on the hiring process at the CALS Personnel Temporary Biweekly Employment webpage.  

For questions regarding payroll, timesheets, etc. related to biweekly employment, you may contact LaTonya Scott, Greg Lewis, or Barb Amos with CBO Budgets.