ALS 398H - Agriculture and Life Sciences Honors Seminar


Course Information

Credit Hours: 2 (S/U course)
Prerequisites: Intended for Sophomores
Offered: Spring only
The ALS 398H Honors Seminar introduces students to methods of scientific inquiry and communication. Each spring, students work with a small group and a single faculty member on a specific topic of general importance in the scientific community. A variety of topics is available, and recent sections have offered opportunities to explore veterinary pharmaceuticals, breastfeeding and nutrition, global water resources, and the impact of concussions on athletes, among many other topics. It is recommended that you not choose a topic directly related to your major or career interests as this is an opportunity to explore something different and broaden your perspective. Students meet once per week and work both individually and in a small group with a faculty member to define the scope of an issue, research the topic, and develop and deliver a presentation to peers.

During the semester, the student groups may invite speakers or schedule field trips to gain first-hand knowledge of the topic. At the conclusion of the course, the groups will give poster presentations at the CALS Honors Symposium.

Students who complete ALS 398H will be able to: 

  • Analyze complex issues in science
  • Communicate conclusions based on evidence obtained from scientific analysis of data
  • Use the library and other research resources 
  • Work cooperatively in teams with other students, faculty and administrators