CALS Honors

*Students who joined CALS Honors prior to 2015 should visit the Honors Pre-2015 page for program information.*


Highly motivated students in our college have an opportunity to enhance their educational experience through the invitation-only CALS Honors Program.

The CALS Honors program inspires students to take ownership of their education, explore their passions, and pursue academic goals beyond the classroom. Each year we invite incoming freshman that meet specific academic requirements to join the CALS Honors Program as part of the NCSU admissions procedure. If space allows, supplemental invitations may occur in the fall of each year for students that have completed 30 credit hours at NCSU and meet our academic requirements.   

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I participate in the CALS Honors program?

See the 'Program Requirements' tab.

  • Will my participation in CALS Honors prevent me from joining other honors programs at NC State?

You can still participate in University Scholars, University Honors, or other enhanced learning activities around campus. Most of our current CALS Honors students participate in at least one other college or university enhancement program.  

  • What does the program require?

CALS Honors challenges you to expect more from yourself inside and outside of the classroom. For students entering NC State in Fall 2015 or after, see the description of the new P.A.T.H. program for options to achieve your Honors credentials. You can participate in the program through honors coursework, independent research, or study abroad.  

  • How do I become involved with CALS Honors?

Participation in the CALS Honors program is by invitation only. Invitations to incoming freshman are based on high school GPA and standardized test scores. Supplemental invitations may be given to NCSU students with more than 30 student credit hours and a 3.35 cumulative GPA or higher.  


Have more questions about CALS Honors? See our Contact page.