Honors Report and Poster Format

Your CALS Honors experience will require a written report, poster presentations, or both. A well-developed poster presentation illustrating your results is a critical component of scientific communication. A well-written scientific paper could serve as the basis for publication in the scientific literature following the completion of your project (for the CALS Scholars P.A.T.H.). Here are the general standards for creating proposals, reports, and posters.

ALS 398H Poster Presentation 

Note: These guidelines are for the poster presentation required for all three P.A.T.H. options.

Student groups in ALS 398H (and all CALS P.A.T.H. options at the completion of the CALS Honors experience) will design and present a poster at the CALS Honors Symposium. All posters should include the title of the topic, the group members' names, and the faculty mentor's name and department. We recommend this guide to effective poster design and presentation.  

ALS 498H Research Proposal

A five-page proposal (double spaced) will help you define goals, focus your efforts and create expectations of the project. For a clear proposal, include these elements:

  • Justification - why the project is important
  • Objective(s) - what you can accomplish in the timeframe
  • Methodology - the process for the research or teaching
  • Expected outcome - what results you anticipate
  • References (must cite at least five)

ALS 499H Research Final Scientific Paper

The final report is to be formatted as a scientific article and include these sections: 

  • Abstract
  • Introduction with a literature review
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • References

Consult the NCSU Libraries website for more information on how to format reports (see an example 499H final report) and cite references.